It’s tempting to seek security in what you know, rather than to face the unknown. There are significant choices to make when the Virgo New Moon appears in your 9th House of Big Ideas. Frustration builds as you attempt to balance your need to gather useful information with your unrelenting drive to achieve professional recognition. Indian mystic Sadhguru wrote, “Nobody gets anywhere just because they desire it. People get somewhere because they acquire the necessary capability.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

You're interested in new experiences when it comes to love -- the kind that open your mind and make you feel as if life is one gigantic, bold adventure. Fortunately, this week the universe is ready to oblige. If you're in a relationship, you and your lover might decide to take a vacation and explore an overseas destination that has been on your mutual bucket list. Or you might delve into a new spiritual pursuit together -- one that opens your mind and brings you closer. If single, you may want to lose your idea of the perfect mate. You're likely to meet someone who captivates you, and has something very different to offer. Be open!

Monthly Horoscope

Your mind is your greatest asset this month and communication will certainly be in your wheelhouse. Mars moves into your 9th House of Big Ideas on September 5, allowing you to take on a role as mentor to someone else, sharing your unique brand of insight with precision and passion. You might be working on spreading your message to many people rather than one. This can take the role of a teaching position, or a publishing, advertising, or broadcasting endeavor that you're working on. You might be working furiously at certain points this month on a deadline related to this project. Don't worry; you'll get it done! Adding to the communication theme is a Full Moon on September 6 that will land in your message sector. A writing project might be finished at this time, and if so it'll have a creative or even spiritual element connected to it. Another possibility is that you'll put the finishing touches on a contract or other negotiation that seems too good to be true. It's not. It's really happening. You might be ready to travel abroad after September 20. Making plans to visit another part of the world for work or pleasure will fill you with so much joy. In fact, if you're single it's possible that during your travels you'll meet someone very special. If you're in a relationship, you and your sweetie might decide to finally take that dream vacation together. Seize the opportunity this month to enjoy experiences that open you up to a whole new world. You won't regret it.
One of the more interesting developments in your love life this month has to do with your partner's finances. Until September 19 you'll be in a phase of Venusian support that might bring extra money to your mate in some way. He or she could receive a raise at work, or the two of you might learn that a joint investment has paid off nicely. Figuring out what to do with these extra funds won't be a problem -- you both already have a few ideas. The same area of your chart that rules your partner's money, however, also has to do with your intimate life. Fortunately, there is more of a playful feeling around this until September 19. You and your sweetie won't be as shy when it comes to revealing what you each truly desire between the sheets. And you'll both be eager to accommodate the other -- much to your delight! If single, after September 19 there's a promising opportunity to meet someone who is from a background unlike yours. This might be a man or woman who is from another country, has a different religious background, or has other unique philosophy that you find appealing. Explore your options. When love can expand your horizons and open your heart all at once, it is often the greatest love of all.