January 22, 2017

If you're thinking about making a significant investment, this might be the month to act. After August 2, there's every indication that you'll be successful with a new financial venture you initiate. Think long term and consider consulting with your accountant or a financial advisor to help you make the most solid decisions.

You might also apply for a loan or mortgage during the first half of the month, and if so, it looks promising. A Full Moon on August 18 might help you fulfill a goal of owning something valuable such as a home, car or collectible item.

In other news, your love life will move in an interesting direction after August 5. If you're single, you might meet someone who comes from a background different than yours -- either culturally or religiously. These differences will captivate you and you'll enjoy soaking up everything about your new love interest's world. If you're in a relationship, it's possible that you and your sweetie will make travel plans to an exotic locale together. Mercury turns retrograde on August 30, however, so be sure to tie up details before then.

Career opportunities will brighten up after August 29 when Venus moves to the top of your chart. A VIP will surely notice your talents!


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Keep In Mind:


Love: Enchanting and enriching

If you're in a committed partnership, there's exciting news ahead concerning your sweetheart's finances. After August 2, he or she might announce a major salary increase, much to your delight. You'll both celebrate the victory! Or, it's possible that you'll decide to pool your money together in a savvy investment. Expect success. Another possibility this month is that you and your partner will consider exploring ways to enhance your intimate connection. Your willingness to be naked, body and soul, will not go unrewarded.

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If you've been trying to ignore a situation connected to your finances such as a tax, insurance, credit or investment situation -- the jig is up. You absolutely need to face this matter head on if you want to fix it. And the good news? It is completely fixable -- as long as you're willing to put in the effort to do so. Yes, it might be slightly painful -- especially if you need to take a financial hit in order to make something right. But in the end, you'll have the ability to start over with a clean slate and a much better plan for the future. So stop trying to sweep your debt under the rug or avoid the IRS. Stop pretending those medical bills don't exist or that you and your partner have it all figured out when it comes to your financial future. Pay attention…or pay the piper.

Thankfully, your month won't be completely about money matters. After August 11, you'll notice a greater opportunity to pursue expanding your horizons in a way that makes you feel extraordinary joy. This can be anything from pursuing an advanced degree or other learning experience, to deciding it's time to publish the book you wrote. You may even have an opportunity to travel overseas. Take it. You'll be glad you did.

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Love: Something deeper

Intimate matters between you and your partner will still require sorting out this month. You might have noticed a growing disconnect between you and your mate when it comes to the emotional/sexual connection you share. It's possible that you stopped being vulnerable enough with one another to transcend boundaries and enjoy the most deeply meaningful, soul level sexual bond you once had. Or, in some cases, it's possible that you never achieved this with your mate and now it's really wearing on you because you crave something deeper.

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Don't allow feelings of insecurity over money overwhelm you near the Full Moon on August 10. While it's possible a source of income might dry up, this certainly isn't meant to send you into a tailspin. Instead, if this happens, consider that the universe is asking you to take a second look at how you're using your talents. Are you making money doing something that only pays the bills, or are you making the most of your personal gifts? It's clear you have at least one innovative ability that sets you apart, and the Full Moon wants you to stop being so insecure about developing and using it.

On August 12, and until September 5, Venus will be in the area of your chart that rules joint finances. Jupiter is already here, and a dazzling conjunction between the two on August 18 may bring a financial windfall your way. This won't be in the form of your direct earnings, but instead it seems to involve a royalty check, dividends from an investment, or even an inheritance or settlement money that is owed to you. If you're married, your spouse might receive a raise.

On August 25, you might think seriously about going back to school to pursue an advanced degree or certification. If you apply or look into the details now it will be much easier to follow through.

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Keep In Mind:

Career: Pursue your dreams

Working relationships appear to take on greater importance this month. The Leo Sun is in your 8th House of Deep Sharing until August 23, challenging you to handle people with strong personalities. The trick is to maintain your sense of purpose and direction in the midst of intense negotiations with colleagues, partners, bosses and customers. Ideally, you can help to define a constructive form to the ideas of a creative individual, but it's also possible to get bogged down in power struggles.

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Love: Close to you

When love planet Venus enters your 8th House of Sex and Intimacy on August 12, you can anticipate enhanced erotic enjoyment between you and your lover that will last well through early September.

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The same challenges that stop others in their tracks motivate you to work harder to reach your lofty goals. You may long for calmer days, but the obstacles in your path reveal what you must do to reach the top of the mountain. You have little margin for error now; unless you have a concrete plan and an unwavering commitment, you could exhaust yourself by scattering energy without much to show for your efforts. 

The expressive Leo New Moon on August 6 stimulates your 8th House of Shared Resources, making this an excellent time to shore up strategic alliances. This lunation trines unconventional Uranus, so don't limit your choice of partners to the same familiar people that you've collaborated with in the past.

You feel as if relationships are taking over your life with Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter congregating in your 7th House of Partnerships and Public Life. However, working with others can bring a whole new set of problems when overbearing Jupiter opposes demanding Pluto on August 7 and squares unruly Uranus on August 21. 

You're so driven to succeed that your ambitions can become obsessive. Your intensity may inadvertently create unseen resistance or attract manipulative behavior from a formidable opponent. This is the first of Jupiter's three stressful alignments with the long-lasting Uranus-Pluto square that finishes on April 20, 2014, giving you time to turn a no-win conflict into a win-win situation based on cooperation rather than competition. 

The emotionally detached Aquarius Full Moon on August 20 illuminates your 2nd House of Finances. Conflicting aspects with Pluto, Jupiter, and Uranus indicate that careless spending or underestimating the size of a job can drain your resources, leaving you overspent in more ways than one.

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Keep In Mind: You aren't in this alone, so be sure your ambitions consider the overall good -- not just your individual success.

Career: Be Bold

Dealing with strong-willed colleagues is likely to be a challenge this month. The Sun is in proud Leo and your 8th House of Deep Sharing until August 22, which can add some drama to professional relationships. You could attract individuals who come across as arrogant and pushy, but you might also find generous and creative allies.

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Love: Realistic Romance

August presents some challenging contrasts in your personal life. It begins with the Sun in brassy Leo and your 8th House of Deep Sharing where opening your heart and taking chances in showing your feelings are keys to developing intimacy. Normally, this means you just have to be open in expressing your affection and desires while being more generous in your response to others.

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Finances are a top priority this month, with plenty of planetary activity occurring in your 8th House of Shared Resources. The Avant-Garde Aquarius Full Moon shines in your 2nd House of Income on August 1, placing money matters in the spotlight. Harmonious aspects to the Moon from enterprising Mars, propitious Jupiter and surprising Uranus open your eyes to unexpected economic opportunities. It's vital to look outside your usual areas of expertise and invest in new tools and training to get the payoff you desire.

A demanding conjunction of mobile Mars and scrupulous Saturn in your 10th House of Career on August 15 could be a critical point in your professional life. If you've been working hard for a good cause, you finally receive the recognition that you deserve. You might launch a new project or take an existing one to a higher level if you have supportive partners. Yet you could run into resistance or simply run out of gas if you find yourself in the familiar position of doing everything on your own.

The brassy Leo New Moon in your 8th House of Intimacy on August 17 pushes you to take bold steps forward in both your personal and professional relationships. Collaborative sextiles from workhorses Saturn and Mars to this lunation supply the initiative and dogged determination to build something that lasts. Efforts intensify on team projects, yet you could experience conflict with friends and colleagues when Mars moves into strong-willed Scorpio and your 11th House of Groups on August 23.

The imaginative Pisces Full Moon in your 3rd House of Communication conjuncts dreamy Neptune on August 31, inspiring poetic perceptions and tender conversations. Don't confuse feelings with facts when it's time to make tough decisions.

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Keep In Mind: Instead of seeking someone who always agrees with you, find a trustworthy partner who cares enough to tell you the truth -- even if it makes you mad -- for the sake of success.

Career: Time Is On Your Side

Dealing with bossy people might be an issue this month. That's because the willful Sun is in powerful Leo and your 8th House of Others' Values. Highly opinionated individuals could rub you the wrong way, especially if you feel they haven't earned their authority. Yet it's a waste of time to get bogged down in power struggles, because even if you get your way, you may lose a potential ally.

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Love: Soften Your Heart

Getting settled in your current relationship or on the road to find a new one may not have been easy lately. That's because the love planet Venus has been puttering around your 6th House of Adjustments since early April. This may have been useful for meeting someone through work or a hobby, but it is not the most direct path to personal bliss.

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A thrilling Venus-Uranus trine on August 1 attracts eccentric people and risky investment opportunities, but communication guru Mercury turns retrograde on August 2 in your 9th House of Big Ideas, slowing the wheels of progress until it turns direct on August 26. You are traveling along a rough road -- especially with respect to family relationships -- until the cooperative Aquarius Full Moon on August 13. This could be a breaking point if unresolved tensions have recently turned your life upside down, but real answers may still remain elusive.

You see the need for change and are reluctantly ready to enter into a dynamic process of deconstruction and reconstruction on August 16 when a triple conjunction of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in dramatic Leo emphasizes your 8th House of Transformation. But it's not easy to suddenly channel your desires into positive action, for these three planets form a series of tense semisquares with passive-aggressive Mars and restrictive Saturn through August 22.

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Keep In Mind: Misunderstandings and delays can be discouraging, complicating your personal and business affairs. Your task is to balance high expectations with practical considerations.

Career: Open Your Mind

It's understandable when you react negatively to people who don't seem as grounded and serious as you. But opening your mind (and heart) to individuals who get excited about projects and giving their ideas a fair hearing can help your career this month.

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Love: Step Up Your Game

To get what you want from a current relationship or increase your chances of finding a new one, you may have to step up your game this month. Venus, the planet of love, is in risk-taking Leo and your 8th House of Intimacy, as is the Sun. These transits raise the stakes in the game of relationships, requiring you to give up some self-control to make the heart connection you desire. Of course you have a responsibility to take care of yourself, but stretching your limits to open up and express feelings more directly can be a good thing now. Surprising yourself with playful innocence and a willingness to discover where being less controlled (and controlling) can radically alter your relationship landscape.

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Relationships are your primary source of opportunity as well as struggle this month. Sharing power isn't easy with domineering Pluto square exaggerating Jupiter on August 3 and stingy Saturn on August 21. Yet you can take a major step forward by clarifying what a partnership could achieve and what you'd have to sacrifice in return. Accommodating Venus shifts into equitable Libra and your 10th House of Status on August 6, attracting someone who's willing to play in fairly and promote harmonious teamwork. The loud Leo New Moon on August 9 in your 8th House of Shared Resources can launch a fresh creative union.

Keep In Mind: Don't allow jealousy or differences of style to keep you from aligning yourself with a creative individual who inspires you to dream big.

Career: Enthusiasm Counts

Working relationships could be complicated this month with the Sun's passage through your 8th House of Deep Sharing until August 23. This transit in the bold sign of Leo might attract brassy individuals who rub you the wrong way, but could also mean you become more dynamic at your job. Taking chances by pushing bold ideas and plans makes sense now. Expansive Jupiter opposes your cautious ruling planet Saturn on August 16. While you could feel overwhelmed with responsibilities or disappointed that your goals seem out of reach, this is really a period of opportunity, as you can clearly see where you stand professionally.

Love: Going All In

Your relationship life should be very interesting this month with the Sun in your 8th House of Intimacy until August 23. This is a powerful transit that can stir up deep issues in a current partnership or give you a big step forward toward a new one. On August 9 the Leo New Moon in your 8th house can add some drama to your life and turn a small misunderstanding into a major event. It's best to be as generous as you can now. This isn't a time when half measures are likely to make an impression, so either you're all in for love or don't get to play the game at all. The tone gets more serious as of August 24 when the Sun enters practical Virgo and your 9th House of Higher Principles, where travel, cultural pursuits and education become keys to connecting.