You possess an innate ability to turn ideas into reality. The ambitious New Moon in your sign sparks a fresh cycle of activity that fuels your process of manifestation. Enthusiasm for an old dream reawakens and motivates you to take on a challenge that you previously set aside but are now ready to tackle. Don’t wait until you have every single detail in order; you don’t even need all the facts to get started. Once you’re in motion, keep showing up to do the work and the pieces to the puzzle will fall into place.

Weekly Love Horoscope

When it comes to love, Capricorn, this week, you'll handle everything like a boss. A New Moon in your sign on Tuesday will help you initiate a significant personal fresh start in your life, as well as in your relationship. It'll be clear to your mate that you're large and in charge, and for the most part he or she will understand your need to be in control. One caveat to this, however, will be with domestic matters. While you may have a decided opinion on how to handle a family situation, your partner might disagree strongly. Alternatively, both you and your mate could be blindsided by some family upheaval.

Monthly Horoscope

2018 will be a pivotal year for you, Capricorn, and it'll become clear why as soon as January opens up. On January 1 a sensitive Full Moon will fall in your partnership sector. This lunation might bring the most remarkable fulfillment your way in a business relationship. You might wrap up negotiations on a contract together, or you'll see how this person will be vital in one of your most heartfelt aspirations becoming a reality. You won't have to wait long either -- it all seems to come together for you early this month. Another possibility is that you and your spouse or partner will come to an agreement about a situation that you're both quite optimistic about. In some cases, a contract or other agreement will end within business or personal affairs. If this does happen however, it won't be anything you shed a tear over -- it'll be a positive ending. You'll be raring to go at the New Moon in your sign on January 16. While there might be an unexpected domestic situation for you to navigate before you can successfully push ahead with your personal goals, don't allow it to rattle you. You've been in this precarious predicament more than once over the last several years, and should be more than used to rolling with the punches by now when it comes to family drama. Finances become a bright spot after January 17 when Venus enters your 2nd House of Money. Showcase your most innovative talents and it'll make a VIP realize just how indispensable you really are.
Well now, Capricorn, this will certainly be an eventful month for you in matters of the heart. Both the New and Full Moons will cross your partnership axis, guaranteeing sweeping changes between you and your partner. If you're able to navigate them from the heart and not from a fear-based need to control, then you'll be capable of enjoying the rewards of love in the most gratifying way possible. But first, we have to discuss this control factor. On January 1 a gorgeous Full Moon will fall in your partnership sector. This Full Moon will be part of a rare, emotionally rich Water Grand Trine, since she'll connect to both Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio, as well as Neptune in Pisces. You will truly have the capacity to feel deep fulfillment in your relationship, and express it. In fact, there might even be a mutual aspiration between you and your lover that is reached during this time, and if so, it'll only heighten the emotional climax. The only potential trouble spot to this otherwise sublime configuration is the fact that this Full Moon will oppose Pluto in your sign. As a result, your knee-jerk reaction might be to manipulate or control your environment (or partner) in an effort to protect yourself from some imagined coup. You must disengage from this immediately! You'll only sabotage what is otherwise a beautiful opportunity to love and relate deeply to your mate. Fortunately, you're likely to work through this personalized drama early enough in the month to take full advantage of the glorious New Moon in your relationship sector on January 16. An existing love connection can take a more substantial turn, while a dating relationship might become exclusive. Single? Romantic opportunity is closer than you think.