You realize you are blessed to feel nurtured by those who love you, yet there’s still some intangible element missing. It’s as if people support your professional ambitions because they see you moving along the path to success with drive and determination. However, there’s another softer dimension to you that is busy managing your spiritual goals and your emotional needs. You might feel this side goes unnoticed, but don’t be too quick to judge others for their omission if you are reticent about revealing personal information. Actor Leonard Nimoy said, “The more we share, the more we have.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

Venus will be in your partnership sector until Saturday, but her final days in this area of your chart might be anything but peaceful. On Thursday, she'll square off with Uranus, now in your home and family sector. Someone in your family might do something that rattles the harmony between you and your mate. Or it might be a situation that frazzles your partner, leaving little room left for romance. Fortunately, this will be a fast-passing situation and you'll be able to move on quickly.

Monthly Horoscope

This will be a key month for finances thanks to two potent eclipses. On August 7, a Lunar Eclipse will fall in your earned income sector, bringing your emotional focus to material security. If you are worried about not being able to make ends meet then this eclipse may serve as a wake-up call. Sure, you might freak out at first, but once the initial panic settles down, you'll realize that something must absolutely change if you want to improve your situation. What you'll realize most is that you are in the driver's seat and can fully execute these changes. If one way of earning income ends, it's creating an opening for you to pursue making money doing something that brings you greater fulfillment -- now is the time to act. Looking back on this time, you'll truly see you've had the power all along. Adding to the financial mix is a Solar Eclipse on August 21. This eclipse promises some much-needed help if you require it. It looks like someone else's resources -- either a family member or your spouse -- will benefit you. This person may be able to financially carry you until you're back on your feet. Another possibility is that you'll make an extraordinary real estate investment.
Venus will remain in your partnership sector until August 26, so for the majority of this month, you and your mate will enjoy extra harmony. If you are dating someone, it's likely that you'll realize you both want to make your commitment stronger. You might move in together, become engaged, or even marry. Setting up house together may require a slight adjustment, however, especially near August 23. Remember that the secret to a happy relationship is compromise.