You might finally give yourself a day off; no doubt, you deserve it. Nevertheless, militant Mars marches into your 10th House of Career, pushing you to work harder to get ahead. Ironically, there may be little you can do that’s job-related today. Although you’re content to relax and count your blessings now, you could be simultaneously obsessing over your plan to achieve success in your profession. Author Lee Bolman wrote, “A vision without strategy remains an illusion.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

This will be the perfect time to share your deepest desires about love and relationships with a friend. Confiding in your pal will serve as a way for you to gain full clarity about your needs. In addition, if single, it will also help your friend know who to encourage you to meet and who to remind you to stay away from. If there was someone you wanted to approach who your pal knows isn't ideal for you but who you seem slightly obsessed with, he or she will be the first to let you know. Listen to your buddy -- there is no hidden agenda here. Your friend wants the best for you.

Monthly Horoscope

This will feel like one of those months where you're pulled in two opposite directions -- and for two very different reasons. Although there might be some tension ahead at home, there is also incredibly brilliant energy at your disposal for career progress. So, how will you navigate October's seesaw? Very judiciously... It all begins on October 5 with a stressed out Full Moon in your home and family sector. This Full Moon might bring some news from a relative that is rather emotional, and there might even be a crisis on the home front that you're forced to handle. Make no mistake about it Capricorn, YOU will be the one to handle it. In fact, it appears that you're the only one equipped to do so because you'll be able to strategize a plan while the rest of your clan is busy reacting to whatever the situation is. While this should make you the hero of your family, the frustrating part about this is that it might not. In fact, they may all feel like you're trying to strong-arm everyone into doing things your way. Yes, you are, but it's only because in this situation you really do know best. Let's hope your clan can allow you to take the lead. Whether or not they do, by midmonth your focus will shift thanks to the most amazing professional cycles opening up. Venus lands at the top of your chart on October 14, followed by a New Moon on October 19. Mars will then edge into your career sector on the 22nd to really get things moving. This is truly magnificent astrology to help you launch a business, reach for a promotion, or pursue a completely new direction in career. You'll have the support of VIPs, and will also work furiously to make anything you touch turn to gold. You'll even have the support of lucky Jupiter, although he is leaving your career sector on the 10th and moving into a new part of your chart. This will be your 11th house which, among other things, rules the money you make from your own business. So, if you're launching that business, expect the cash to flow! Even if you don't, Jupiter will help you succeed. The 11th house rules your greatest hopes and wishes, and old astrology lore dictates that with Jupiter here, a dream will come true. Having Jupiter in this house will also be incredible for networking opportunities. Your friends and acquaintances really do want to see you succeed now, and they'll be able to help you make anything happen.
If you've been feeling as if life is all work and responsibility lately, there is a welcome shift coming your way. The universe is constantly encouraging us to find balance, and we'll always receive some kind of support to help achieve it if we avoid it. Fortunately for you, the universe recognized that it's time to pay more attention to your social life. If you've been isolating yourself or just haven't wanted to open up to new friends and group experiences, all of this will change after October 10. Jupiter, the planet of luck and growth, will move into your friendship sector and remain here through November 8, 2018. This will help you in all sorts of ways. It will get you out of your little corner of the world and expose you to experiences that will help you grow personally and even professionally. Networking with others will lead to opportunities you didn't even know were possible. Even more significant than this, however, is that you are likely to forge deep and intimate relationships now with others. You won't be afraid to talk openly about what you want in romance either. This will be a perfect year to consider joining a group for singles or hiring a personal matchmaker that intricately takes into consideration what you need and what you have to offer in a relationship. Another plus? A personal matchmaker will do background checks and vet your potential matches. With Jupiter in deep, probing Scorpio, you will love this added service.