Hopefully, you can resist your impulse to call it quits today, even if you’re frustrated with the speed of progress. Although your ambitious plan has merit, you are slipping further from your worldly goals now that the Sun is traveling through your 4th House of Home and Family. Thankfully, you still can accomplish everything you set out for in the beginning; it’s just going to take more time than you thought. Norman Vincent Peale wrote, “It’s always too soon to quit.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

There might be some trouble in paradise this week between you and your mate. Arguments over family matters are likely, and the more you try to take control of the situation, the more it'll just blow up in your face. This won't be the time to give ultimatums to your partner about anything having to do with your domestic life. Let's say, for example, that you want to move to another town or even state, and your partner doesn't want to budge. If you push the issue now, you'll only cause further dissension as a couple. After April 15 you might be able to come to an agreement, but for now, it's impossible.

Monthly Horoscope

Your home and family life will become a central focus this month. In fact as early as March 6, you might feel the need to gain a sense of harmony and control over everything that's happening in your domestic environment. At this time Both Mercury and Venus will move into your 4th House of Home and Family, bringing a mental focus here as well as a desire to create peace and pleasure in your abode. If you're trying to make a decision about real estate or have a contract to sign connected to the sale or purchase of a home, you'll want to wrap things up as early as possible in the month. More likely, however, is that you'll notice a great deal of conversation happening between you and relatives or a significant decision you need to make about your living space or a decorating project. This can be anything from budget to style. Fortunately, if you have to make these choices with someone you live with, everyone will agree. As long as you take care of the most important decisions before March 22, that is. After that point Mercury will be retrograde in your home and family sector, making you second guess all of your decisions related to this part of your life. The bigger theme here is not about confusing you or causing any miscommunication between you and your tribe. Instead, the universe is trying to help you retrace your steps and find out where you can improve your relationship with someone you live with in order to restore the harmony you seek. Most likely, one or both of you have been thinking in such a self-directed manner that you forgot you actually live with someone else. The need to compromise when you share space with someone is strong, and this month, you'll receive a primer in this most valuable lesson. In other news, after March 17 and through May 16, it looks like you'll turn into a real powerhouse! Mars will be in your sign for this stretch of time, and you will feel as if you can conquer the world. Guess what? You can.
Don't worry too much about not feeling like yourself early this month. You might still need time to hibernate and conserve your energy until March 17. After the 17th, however, you'll not only feel more vital than you have in a while, but you'll also notice how supercharged you feel sexually. Mars will enter your sign on this day for the first time in nearly two years. The planet of motivation and libido will remain in Capricorn through May 16. This is very good news for you, Cappy! For starters, any projects you begin now will have a remarkable level of support thanks to your tireless energy. In terms of your love life however, you'll notice that others are finding you more attractive than usual – even to the point of being the current sex bomb of the zodiac! Have you been going through a dry spell in the physical department of your love life? If so, you can look forward to kissing that phase of your life goodbye. Your sexuality will take on a lustier, more practical tone and you'll find yourself treating your sex life almost like you would a business -- carefully planning out the moves you'll make in order to seduce your partner. It might not sound romantic, but careful planning does ensure lovemaking success at times. That will certainly be the end result! In other news, love planet Venus edges into your romance sector on March 31. If single, this will open up a bright opportunity for you to meet someone new and fall in love. Practical, sensual, oh-so-satisfying love! Find out now by looking up your romantic compatibility here: