You could feel as if you are overwhelmed by someone’s expectations, trapping you into a corner today. The dramatic Mars-Pluto conjunction falls in your 7th House of Public Life and it seems as if you don’t have a choice now when others are depending on you. However, circumstances beyond your control may force you to raise the stakes by showing your vulnerability and risking rejection. If people see that you’re not trying to escape your commitments, they won’t need to be so aggressive in their demands. Jeffrey Holland wrote, “The crowning characteristic of love is always loyalty.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

If you and your partner are experiencing a heightened intensity in your relationship, then the best place to work this out might be in the bedroom. An in-your-face connection between Mars and Pluto in your relationship sector will occur on Thursday. This is feisty energy and can easily lead to explosive arguments and power struggles. If, however, you choose to direct it wisely, it can also lead to some of the most memorable sex the two of you have had together in recent times. If you're single, this might be a week where you find yourself pining away over a love interest that just isn't that into you. Ouch!

Monthly Horoscope

It'll be a roller coaster month for you in terms of your professional life, Cancer, so buckle up! The month begins with Mercury still traveling retrograde in your career sector, and he'll remain out of phase through April 15. Specifically, you might feel truly blocked and frustrated in terms of your ambitious pursuits from April 2 through April 4. It might be that you've grown tired of going around in circles with your boss or a business partner about the same unresolved matters. Recognize that getting angry about the situation won't do anything to solve it. If you don't feel supported by someone in your life, then it's time to stop trying to change their mind. Instead, change your own -- that's the true secret to your future success. By giving so much power to other people's opinions. you're allowing their script to run through your head instead of your own. Your own script is the one that tells you to pursue your goals with courage. It's someone else who is making you doubt your capacity to do this, and guess what? It's literally thwarting you from making any real progress. Happily, this trend will end after April 15. A New Moon will fall in your career sector along with Mercury turning direct in the same area of your chart. Once this cosmic transition takes place, Cancer, it's on! Your time for professional success has arrived and you'll be in a more confident position to tell anyone standing in your way to buzz off. In other news, there might be fulfillment with children or a creative endeavor at the Full Moon on April 29. If you are expecting a child, this could be the time your little bundle decides to arrive. Love is also in the air if you are recently dating someone new. The connection will ripen into something deep, intense, and gratifying.
So much love this month, Cancer. So much love. The catch? Well, you'll have to work for it. The good news is that you're not afraid of this thanks to Saturn moving through your partnership sector. If you've decided to stay with your partner despite any kinks in your relationship, then you are fully aware of what you both need to work on. You've made your choice and now, you're ready to work. On April 2, Mars and Saturn meet up in your partnership sector, giving you determined energy to push past those problems together. The reward is closer than you think thanks to Venus trine Saturn on April 7. You both get a wish fulfilled thanks to your commitment to one another. Rewards continue through April 11 and April 12, including a remarkable physical connection to each other. This isn't make-up sex energy, it's deeply sensual and emotional. You'll remember exactly why the two of you were once so magnetized to each other. This is all about making love … and making love work. If you're single, it's possible that by the end of the month, romantic fulfillment is on the horizon. A stunning Full Moon in your true love sector will occur on April 29. This lunation will be well-supported by Saturn over in your relationship sector. That means a powerful love connection could happen if you meet anyone new at this time. You might even feel overwhelmed at the intensity of your emotions, despite your usual tendency to be emotionally guarded. Trust your instincts on this one, Cancer, because the universe just might be bringing in a soul mate. Find out now by looking up your romantic compatibility here: