It might be time to polish up your professional skills or, if you are at the top of your game, find a way to finally get your boss to notice. Venus will turn retrograde at the top of your chart on March 4, and remains out of phase until April 15. During this time you might not feel the love from authority figures. In fact, you might literally feel glossed over altogether. If you do lose out on a chance for a promotion or glowing praise, it might be due to the fact that you are genuinely unappreciated for your efforts.

Equally possible however, is that you have become complacent. Why not blow your bosses' mind and request a review if you haven't recently had one? Tell your boss that you would like to have your performance evaluated, and if there is any room for improvement you're up to the task. This will speak volumes to him or her.

In fact, a gorgeous New Moon in your career sector on March 27 might be your ticket to have a fresh start at the next opportunity with your company. Or, this New Moon might be connected to your decision to leave your current position and begin searching for a place where you feel genuinely valued. How these cycles pan out depends on your personal birth chart as well as your current circumstances.

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Not getting what you need

You might lose patience with your partner this month -- especially if you don't feel supported as you define or pursue your career goals. Realize that you'll want to address this problem sooner rather than later in order to avoid what might become a major sticking point for the two of you.

In other news, if you're single, your social life will become much livelier after March 9. Use this boost to attend more parties and other events that will allow you to meet possible dating prospects.

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You might feel a surge of motivation to get healthier or to work through a seemingly insurmountable project this month. On March 5, Mars will move into your 6th house, which is the part of your chart connected to assignments, your daily routine, and health.

As a result you're likely to feel all fired up to blast through any impossible deadline, push yourself harder at the gym, or take on that intimidating task of cleaning out your basement or closets. You might even organize your office in order to make everything you do more efficient.

One caveat about this month: if you and a colleague are on the outs, the tension between you may flare up. As a result, you might have to address it so that everyone can get back to "business as usual."

A potent Lunar Eclipse on March 23 will put your attention right at home. There might be emotionally charged news from or about a relative and if so, you'll need to be around to lend support. If you're thinking about a move this might be when you finally decide to set the wheels in motion. Or, if you've already had your home on the market, it's possible that you'll accept an offer and/or seal the deal on a new place all at once!

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Keep In Mind:


Love: New adventures

You'll want to explore new horizons with your mate this month. After March 12, there might be an opportunity for the two of you to travel overseas together. Or, you might want to expand your intellectual horizons together by signing up for an adult education class on a topic that interests both of you. If single, you might meet someone from a different culture or with a religious perspective that's unique from yours. You'll be intrigued.

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Expect massive -- and overwhelmingly positive -- changes to your status and financial situation! On March 3, there will be an incredible opportunity for you to shine your light and make money doing so. Be sure to grab it! On March 4, there is even more support for a sudden change in direction that leads to a beneficial financial outcome. Your spouse or business partner might not be fully supportive, but at this point you don't care much about that. You're perfectly happy going after what you want without anyone else's approval.

A contract or car lease might expire near March 5, and if so you'll be ready to move on to the next order of business -- or vehicle. This will be a good time to sign a new agreement if that's on the agenda. You'll be focused on details, but you will also have the capacity to communicate about what is most meaningful and will serve the greatest good.

The last of seven Uranus-Pluto squares to hit since 2012 will occur on March 16. You've been rattled before by this energy, and this time around might be no different. Again, the theme appears to be your ambitions in life vs. your relationships. One doesn't seem to gel with the other, and you're not about to let that stop you.

Friendship and your social life becomes a bright spot after March 17 and until April 11. You'll feel that you can truly count on your pals for sustenance and support. You might also participate in events or meetings that have to do with improving your finances. You'll be interested in networking with people who have the potential to enhance your personal earning power.

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Hitting the cosmic jackpot

Your love life will truly be something worth talking about after March 17. That's when Venus enters the area of your chart that has to do with friends, groups and your social life -- not to mention your greatest hopes and wishes. Until April 11, you'll have amazing support from your network of pals that may somehow connect to the love department. And if your greatest hope these days has to do with finding the love of your life, well, you might have just hit the cosmic jackpot!

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Although social activities are keeping you busy, you feel safe in your cozy little world for the first part of the month. Even if a personal or professional relationship is stressful, you have a chance now to reestablish equilibrium while addressing critical issues.

On March 8, Saturn's stabilizing sextile to resolute Pluto in your 7th House of Others empowers you to solve a difficult relationship problem if both parties are willing to show up with authenticity. Additionally, harmonious Pluto's aspects to the Sun on March 1, amicable Venus on March 6 and interactive Mercury on March 7 create additional opportunities to make enduring connections with someone who is willing to be your mentor.

However, the clairvoyant Pisces New Moon on March 11 is a turning point that marks the beginning of a fresh cycle of outward, rather than inward, movement and exploration. This contemplative New Moon in your 9th House of Future Vision -- as noted by seven planets in emotional Pisces -- is your chance to look ahead with optimism while still holding on to the security of your past.

On March 12, courageous Mars fires into spontaneous Aries and your 10th House of Public Responsibility, pushing you to get ahead. Mercury ends its retrograde phase in your 9th House of Big Ideas on March 17, as ideas that have been on hold begin to come together.

You may act uncharacteristically reckless when the Sun and Venus shift into impatient Aries on March 20-21, followed by a shocking Mars-Uranus conjunction on March 22. Your life is on the move again, yet the Libra Full Moon on March 27 gently reminds you that progress does not come without compromise.

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Keep In Mind: Make smart use of the free time you have. You want to be well rested and well prepared when circumstances demand all your attention.

Career: Higher and Higher

Lift your eyes up from your daily tasks and you may find inspiration and opportunities beyond your usual environment. Four planets are in your 9th House of Faraway Places and Higher Education when the month begins. The life-giving Sun, clever Mercury, artistic Venus and pioneering Mars are there to inspire you to reach out and connect with people in distant locations. This can benefit your current working situation or provide encouragement for taking on a major project and expanding your professional interests.

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Love: Keep it All in Perspective

There's tenderness in the air in the first half of March that could help you get closer to the one you're with or to connect with someone new. The month starts with amorous Venus in sister Water sign Pisces. This is ideal for imagination and romantic fantasies. In fact, this transit occurs in your 9th House of Faraway Places that can expand your attraction to distant cultures. Even the thought of a trip can put some sparkle in your eyes and raise your enthusiasm and about love.

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Making your mark in the world through your job or another public arena is among your primary goals this month. Planets are popping in your 10th House of Career, offering fresh challenges and new opportunities for getting ahead. Quicksilver Mercury fires into Aries and your 10th house on March 2, sparking new ideas and spurring you to pick up the pace at work.

The expressive Sun goes next into audacious Aries on March 20, the Vernal Equinox, followed by the New Moon, also in the 10th house, on March 22 that's bound to increase the demands of your public life. Independent Uranus' conjunction with the Aries New Moon brings unexpected changes of status or responsibility. You could be feeling restless and ready to strike out on your own.

If you suddenly realize that a radical shift in your career is what you need, take plenty of time to think it through, because rational Mercury turns retrograde on March 12 and will backtrack until April 4. This is a time to look back at your previous work experiences and re-examine your current choices more thoughtfully. You may reconnect with a colleague from your past whose insights clarify your thinking. If nothing else, redoing recent work is another potential consequence of Mercury's backward cycle.

Venus, the planet of values and self-worth, enters earthy Taurus and your 11th House of Groups on March 5. There's pleasure to be gained from participating in an organization where others share the workload. The critical Virgo Full Moon on March 8 occurs in your 3rd House of Information, reminding you to organize your ideas and communicate them more precisely.

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Keep In Mind: Holding your position at work takes considerable effort, but looking ahead for something more exciting fires you with fresh resolve.

Career: Proceed with Caution

March begins with the Sun in imaginative Pisces and your 9th House of Faraway Places and Higher Education. Your career can benefit from out-of-town connections and from additional learning. The key to working with Pisces energy, though, is that you have to be inspired by what you do. Without that all you get is tired in this most sensitive sign of the zodiac. It's possible that charitable work will prove beneficial by giving your spirits a boost or connecting with someone who can help you professionally.

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Love: Untangle the Knots

You could get lost in Fantasyland during the first half of March, as the life-giving Sun in magical Pisces lights up your 9th House of Faraway Places. Dreams of ideal love can make reality look less appealing and increase your desire to escape. But this isn't time to jump ship, whether it's about leaving a relationship or giving up hope.

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Your grand plans for adventure materialize and responsibilities replace dreams as the emphasis shifts from your 9th House of Big Ideas to your 10th House of Career and Public Life. The Pisces New Moon on March 4 is in your 9th house, so you could be missing details while still intuitively knowing where you're heading. The cautious Virgo Full Moon on March 19 falls in your 3rd House of Learning, encouraging you to eliminate extraneous activities while concentrating on what's most useful. The Sun's entry into unstoppable Aries marks the Spring Equinox on March 20 and brings another burst of energy into your professional life, encouraging you to follow your star, even if you must proceed alone.

Tensions arise as you try to balance self-interest and the need to compromise when Mercury in solo Aries opposes Saturn in social Libra on March 18. This sets the stage for the final opposition between expansive Jupiter and contractive Saturn in your 4th House of Home and Family on March 28. You may need to curtail business development or pass on an opportunity that first came to you on May 23 or August 16, 2010, during the prior occurrences of this long-lasting aspect. Rest assured that pruning deadweight now will make room for future growth.

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Keep In Mind: Setting new goals may be easy, but don't expect to reach them right away. Significant accomplishments take more time than you realize.

Career: Broaden Your Horizon

Expanding your approach makes sense this month. Dynamic Mars is in your 9th House of Faraway Places throughout March, indicating the inspiration and opportunity that comes when you raise your head up from your immediate environment and widen your scope. Stretching your skills into adjoining fields, seeking opportunities with individuals and businesses in distant locations and stretching your mind to imagination more inspiring work should work to your advantage. Yes, it's tempting to dream about a career that might seem out of reach but considering such possibilities isn't a waste of time. Whether you get all the way to your ideal situation or not, there are many points short of it that would be an improvement over your current situation.

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Love: What's Your Fantasy?

The Sun in sweet Pisces falls in your 9th House of Travel and Education this month, spurring romantic connections on the road or at school until March 20. Passionate Mars is joined with the New Moon in Pisces on March 4, which can motivate you to leave the safety and comfort of familiar territory to expand your social life. Foreign foods, movies, art and music add an exotic touch that can revive romance with your current partner or open the door to connecting with someone new.

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Putting your ideas for the future into action is a key theme of this transitional month, which begins with the inspirational Pisces Sun in your 9th House of Expansion and Truth and ends with it in enthusiastic Aries and your 10th House of Career. Initiating Mars' direct turn in Leo and your 2nd House of Resources on March 10 energizes you with motivation and material to fuel your ambitions. Investing in creative tools and training will enhance your competence and confidence to earn money and make a difference in people's lives. Provocative Pluto's tense square to the Libra Full Moon on March 29 in your 4th House of Roots exposes unresolved issues and unfulfilled desires; a forceful reminder that change is the natural order of things.

Keep In Mind: No matter how far away your dreams seem, acting boldly now can close the gap more quickly than you expect.

Career: The Benefits of a Wandering Mind

This month's New Moon on March 15 occurs in your 9th House of Faraway Places, spurring thoughts of greener pastures. Travel, additional education and connections in distant areas can be keys to bringing something fresh into your professional life. Focusing on the tasks in front of you becomes even more difficult with intellectual Mercury joining innovative Uranus at the time of the New Moon. It's tempting to want to run away from your responsibilities now, yet simply considering professional options that were never on the table before can be exciting. On March 20 the Sun shifts into pioneering Aries and your 10th House of Career, providing a second wave of inspiration and motivation to do something new and different.

Love: Taking Care of Business

There's an edge coming into your relationship life that can work to your advantage if you're bold in your actions. However, if you're overly self-protective and simply trying to hold onto what you've got, your personal life might be a bit more complicated. Love planet Venus starts the month in sister Water sign Pisces, yet thanks to her tough aspect to volatile Uranus on March 3, you might feel destabilized in a current relationship. On March 7 Venus races into impulsive Aries and your 10th House of Career, where taking the lead in a public project and putting out a positive and satisfied attitude is an excellent way to enhance your private life. The New Moon in Pisces on March 15 offers an "a-ha" moment when you light up with a brilliant idea that should help you let go of the past.