You may choose to keep your feelings quiet today because you assume people will find your moods too intense. You don’t want to alienate others by mixing personal issues with your job, yet you also wish you could be open about your internal process. Ironically, you might discover the tables are turned when someone else comes to you with an emotional story. Be as receptive to another person as you wish them to be for you. Putting the Golden Rule into action sets a wonderful example for others to follow.

Weekly Love Horoscope

Are you tired of your fabulous love forecasts yet, Cancer? Hopefully not, because the amazing vibes just keep getting stronger! This week, the two most beneficial planets in the zodiac, Venus and Jupiter, will kiss each other deeply in your romance sector. As a result, you and sweetheart will want to spoil each other rotten -- especially when it comes to intimate delights. The two of you will make it a priority to please each other. Even if you're typically the shy type in the bedroom, this week you'll feel naughty and will have an "anything goes" attitude. Get ready to reach new sexual heights!

Monthly Horoscope

A gratifying opportunity to reach an even wider audience and spread your message is possible this month. So is the potential for you to receive someone else's message -- and have it alter the course of your life. A dazzling Full Moon on November 4 will light up your 11th House of Groups, Friends and Social Networking. Thanks to a connection you already have, it's possible that one of your greatest personal aspirations connected to gaining wisdom and knowledge will be reached. This might be an opportunity to publish a book, release a major advertising or broadcasting endeavor, or take your message global -- and viral! There is also something about this lunation that invites technology into the picture. If you have been considering going back to school to earn an advanced degree or certification, it's possible that you'll choose an online school to facilitate this process. You'll feel enriched and will love the way this allows you freedom in your learning experience. If you're on the teaching end of things, it's possible that you are the one ready to release your very own webinar series or online class teaching a subject matter you're an expert on. Students from around the world will find you. Last but not least, it's possible that you and one of your friends, or a group of pals, are gearing up for a fabulous overseas vacation together. It will be unforgettable. Later this month your love life becomes the central focus. A sexy and intense New Moon will fall in your romance sector on November 18. If you are single, there is every potential for you to meet someone with whom you share a profoundly intimate connection with. Jupiter and love planet Venus also moving through this part of your chart makes it even more likely! If you're attached, you and your sweetheart might renew the sexual chemistry in your relationship. It won't just be romantic ... it will be erotic!
You already have the luckiest planet in the zodiac (Jupiter) comfortably nestled in your romance sector, but this month, if you can even believe it, your love life prospects will become even more amazing. Venus, the planet of love, will move into the same area of your chart on November 7 and remains here through December 1. Circle November 13-16 as ultra-sexy and romantic days. Venus will first connect to expansive Jupiter, making you feel more loved than ever if you're in a relationship. If single, this could be a day you meet someone who opens you up to a whole new world of possibilities. Venus will then link up to inspirational Neptune, making you appreciate the soul mate you already have or know with all your heart that he or she is about to arrive. If you are in a committed relationship, you and your sweetheart might enjoy a transformative experience on November 21. It's possible that you'll enjoy one of the most intense sexual encounters you've ever had together. You might also make a decision to try for a baby. November 18 will absolutely open doors for you if you're still single. A New Moon in your true love sector shines with both Venus and Jupiter in the same area of your chart. Cancer, this is the kind of astrological support you absolutely cannot waste. Don't stay home on your couch thinking that your next amazing lover is just going to ring your doorbell. Get up, get dressed, and make it a point to socialize as much as you can in the month of November to optimize your chance to meet the next person who will take your breath away. He or she will have an air of mysterious sexiness about them that you'll find irresistible. In fact, this person might have been watching you already for quite some time. Don't worry, it won't creep you out. In fact, it'll turn you on.