You’re not sure why there’s a gray cloud following you around today, but you could snap at someone you love. Oddly enough, you may not even be annoyed at that person; your feelings seem to come from out of the blue. Although your apology might be heartfelt, you cannot take back the words you said in a burst of emotion. Think twice before you say anything at all. Silence is your saving grace. Dr. Laurence J. Peter wrote, “Speak when you are angry, and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

Tension is mounting between you and your partner, and this week it might all come to a head. It seems as though your love is having a serious control issue when it comes to you. He or she might feel threatened about a current professional opportunity that you've decided to explore -- especially if it leaves less time for you to focus on your relationship. If your partner makes any unkind remarks to you about your personal goals, then it'll be time to call him or her out on it. Don't allow yourself to be manipulated simply because your lover is feeling insecure. You'll only resent it, and eventually it could erode your relationship.

Monthly Horoscope

As March opens up you might want to consider one of Dr. Wayne Dyer's more famous quotes: "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." It's clear that your mindset is shifting in powerful ways about many areas of your life. This could be a sense of "I'm done," and if that's the case, you will walk away from a situation and not look back. It can have to do with a love relationship or business partnership, but this can just as easily involve your health and a turning point with that. If it is a health situation you will address it, so don't give into too much anxiety about that. There will be a final decision about one of these matters as early as March 1. Perhaps a contract or other agreement will come to an end as well, and if so, you'll be comfortable with this ending, not frustrated. Remember, all month long, perspective is everything. How you choose to look at the conversations and agreements is where your power lies. Your mental energy is sparked by March 17 thanks to a New Moon in your 9th House of Higher Learning. You can successfully begin a new course of study during this time. Whether it has to do with a license, certification, or advanced degree, you'll feel as though this experience will open up magnificent doors for you to help you achieve one of your greatest aspirations. Guess what? You're right. If you're married or in a committed relationship, after March 17 there might be some tension for you and your spouse. Mars will move through your partnership sector through May 16, and unless channeled properly, this can lead to more arguments and contention for you and your mate. You might get on each other's nerves over the smallest matters, and if you find this happening, take a step back and decide if this conflict is worth it. Another possibility is that your partner will be going through a stressful situation and will be edgier than usual. Do what you can to ease the chaos without compromising your own integrity. You are no one's punching bag.
You have high hopes for your love life early in the month, and for good reason. On March 1 and 2 both Mercury and Venus will be at a perfect link to lucky Jupiter, now in your romance sector. With this combination, your optimism and faith in the possibilities of love are strong. You'll also have no trouble communicating them to your sweetheart, which will be a great assist in drawing you closer to each other's hearts. So if you are dating someone new as the month opens up, prepare for things to become magical very quickly! If you're in a committed partnership, after March 17 there's going to be some developmental tension between you and your mate. While that doesn't sound very romantic, you'll be driven to make things work. Mars, the planet of action and motivation, will move into your relationship sector, and remains in this part of your chart through May 16. If you notice that you and your partner are picking more fights with each other than usual, this might be due to a growing level of sexual tension in your relationship. Make sure that you are giving each other enough of a physical outlet so that it doesn't become a point of contention between you. Find out now by looking up your romantic compatibility here: