Replaying experiences with your siblings or childhood friends within the safety of your own mind can open the door to a cascade of memories. There is so much raw material feeding your soul today, you may have trouble sorting through all the special moments that vividly rush back to life. Thankfully, revisiting your past can bring happiness to your heart now. Owens Lee Pomeroy quipped, “Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense, but the past perfect!”

Weekly Love Horoscope

If you've felt as if partnership matters have been stalled in any way, you're in for some good news. This Friday, Saturn, the natural ruler of your relationship sector, will turn direct after having been retrograde for several months. Pursuing your romantic goals and having the ability to achieve them is now more favored. However, be flexible. Earlier in the week, on Thursday, Venus in your sign will square off with Uranus. An unexpected event in your love life might need attention.

Monthly Horoscope

This month, your focus will be on finances. Two powerful Eclipses will fall in the axis of your chart that connects to money you earn and money that comes to you from any other source. By the end of the month, you'll be able to implement key changes that will ultimately lead to financial empowerment. What must happen first, however, is an ending. This ending doesn't have to be negative. In fact, it can be something to celebrate. On August 7, a Lunar Eclipse in your 8th House of Shared Resources might indicate that you're ready to pay off a major chunk of debt you owe. Another possibility is that you will cash out one of your investments. If this happens, it won't feel like a loss because the money will be going towards an expense that you are very happy to pay. One example of this is your child's college tuition. Mercury does turn retrograde on August 12, so until September 5, you might want to be extra careful with all communications-related matters. Avoid signing new contracts or making new agreements. If you're traveling, allow extra time for delays, and make sure your car is in tip top shape. The Solar Eclipse on August 21 will really make you smile. This is when a new source of income opens up for you. It could be significant.
Love planet Venus continues to move through your sign until August 26, so you'll have the great majority of this month to continue enjoying the sweet pleasures she'll bestow upon you. Not only will you continue to feel more confident and beautiful, but this will translate into other people noticing you more. If you are looking for love, there will be no shortage of interest. If you're already taken, you and your sweetheart will enjoy greater harmony.