Although your unspoken dreams are very vivid today, you don’t have time to explore them. In fact, you might worry that if you succumb to the power of your fantasies, they could hijack your entire day. You may try to create distractions by starting a major project now, but an all-or-nothing policy won’t work because suppressing your unexpressed emotions only empowers them. Find balance by giving equal time to your inner and outer worlds. John Muir wrote, “The power of imagination makes us infinite.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

There's great news if you're single and ready to mingle: A stunning Solar Eclipse will light up your social 11th house on Tuesday, inviting new energy into your life when it comes to the company you keep. This means romance can literally come at you through multiple avenues. You might join a new group or organization and meet someone you share an immediate connection with at one of the events you attend. Another possibility is that you will consider something like speed dating or signing up for a new dating website or app. Of course, this eclipse suggests bright possibilities for you and friends, so it's always possible that a friend will turn into a lover. Be open.

Monthly Horoscope

New romantic heights are possible for you this month. If there's any doubt in your heart about the soul mate potential with someone you're currently dating, those uncertainties will disappear after February 10. Not only will you find yourself getting lost in love, but you'll also begin to understand that the only barrier to this great love affair has been you and your own personal blind spot in matters of the heart. This is great news, Aries, because you'll finally be able to see that all your dreams concerning your love life are within reach as long as you give yourself permission to FALL in love rather than trying to ACHIEVE love. By February 21, as Venus embraces Neptune, your heart is sure to collide with your sweetheart's in the most enchanting way possible. Richly satisfying, soul-nurturing love has been there all along. Now, you'll know this is true. In other news -- if you can even focus on anything else but love -- there is a dynamic Solar Eclipse on February 15 that will land in your 11th House of Hopes, Wishes, and Dreams. This eclipse will make a perfect link to Uranus, now in your sign, helping to jumpstart at least one of your most radical aspirations. Although you might feel as if you're pushing against the current near February 17 as you try to create traction and form for your dreams, don't give up. A temporary setback will only help you forge ahead with greater precision by the end of the month. Whatever it is that you want to initiate that seems truly "out there" is exactly what you're meant to go after now. Chase the extraordinary, Aries, because you'll catch nothing less than success if you do!
You can look forward to more enjoyable fantasies in your mind about love this month. You'll enjoy dreaming up romantic reveries and all sorts of "what if" scenarios about the person you're currently crushing on. You may get so lost in these dreams that the lines of reality begin to get blurry. But don't worry, that will only leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling of confusion if it does. It'll be similar to when you are falling in love and you can feel your brain start to melt. Aries, this month you can pretty much expect to walk around in a constant state of THAT feeling. What planetary shift can you blame for this delicious enigma? Venus, of course. She'll soften her way into your hidden 12th house on February 10 and remains in this part of your chart until March 6. There are many possible romantic scenarios with Venus here that go along with that constant feeling of being love-struck. It is possible that for some Aries, a relationship that is truly bewildering is starting to unravel you. Maybe it's someone who you want to pin down and commit to but he or she is just too slippery and evasive, avoiding anything exclusive. If this is the case, you might have to stop making excuses and start making decisions. Even if you're feeling real love for someone, you simply can't force anyone to love you back. For other Aries, however, this month will be exquisitely romantic. In fact, your innermost romantic dreams do have the potential to come true, right around February 21 when Venus and Neptune embrace. For you, hope and faith will lead to love. Perhaps the difference this month between love and disappointment is directly related to your belief in miracles. Do you believe?