You’re itching to take off into the wild blue yonder but you can’t file a flight plan yet because you’re unsure of your specific destination. It’s difficult to choose one when there are several directions that appeal to your wanderlust. Nevertheless, you are resigned, even excited, by the notion of flying by the seat of your pants and a lack of details won’t hold you back. Unfortunately, once you’re on your way, you will wish you took the time to decide where you wanted to land. Remember, follow your heart but bring along a map and your common sense to be safe.

Weekly Love Horoscope

Think of this week as a gorgeous opportunity for you to pass a cosmic test. A spectacular New Moon will fall right in your relationship sector. This is major and could very well put you in a position to go exclusive with someone you've been dating. Or, you and your love might want even more of a commitment. If so, you'll consider moving in together, getting engaged, or even married. If you're already hitched, then you and your sweetheart will be ready for a fresh start in some way. The cosmic test comes in courtesy of Uranus. This planet of liberation will sharply oppose the New Moon, demanding that whatever knot you plan on tying with your sweetheart doesn't leave you feeling too shackled. Good luck!In other news, a fabulous New Moon in relationship-oriented Libra will occur on Thursday. Although this lunation spells major possibilities for new love connections, the opposition to Uranus reminds us that there's a collective craving for partnership and space all at once. Have fun balancing this dilemma, and be sure to read your sign's horoscope for even more insight!

Monthly Horoscope

As October's energy embraces you, Aries, it appears that romance is no longer on your brain. Now it's all about the relationship that forms as a result of those heart-stirring encounters. Many of you single Aries have recently met someone very special, and you may find your relationship status changing as October begins. Suddenly, you're faced with the opportunity to no longer be single but to be taken. What an uncomfortable (but exciting) proposition for someone who is used to going at it alone in life. Your universe has toppled upside down, and you might be integrating a very different dynamic into your life as you go from dramatically being me-centered to we-centered. This shift may not be easy for the first half of the month. A Full Moon in your sign on October 5 will call your attention to emotional yearnings you have, and this includes any deep feelings of attachment you find yourself developing for that special someone ... but it's complicated. You'll need to negotiate emotions about relating to someone with REAL relationship potential -- and that means you'll need to learn how to compromise. Fortunately, your anxiety about being coupled up will quickly melt away. On October 14, Venus will enter your relationship sector, offering you and your sweetie amazing support through November 7. A New Moon on October 19 screams relationship potential. With the opposition to Uranus, however, it will also be about liberating yourself from outworn conceptions about what a partnership should be. There are no "shoulds" with Uranus, and you'll soon learn that a less traditional relationship might be the ideal compromise for your independent soul. You'll be completely motivated to make this work by October 22 thanks to Mars entering your commitment sector. If you're already in a sweet, cozy partnership, you'll also have exciting developments this October. Jupiter will move into your 8th House of Shared Resources on October 10, helping money flow much more easily to your spouse or partner. He or she will begin to do better financially and this will certainly benefit you. Another possibility is that you'll begin to see how your past shrewd investments are now paying off. They will continue to do so until November 2018. Not too shabby!
Imagine the possibilities between you and your partner if you were able to share anything and everything with one another, freely, without fear of judgement, repercussions, or worrying that revealing yourself too much will cost you your relationship. To feel capable of fully merging with one's partner on a spiritual, material, and emotional level signals that you're truly ready for commitment and intimacy. This is a big deal! Well, guess what? You'll begin to feel the most amazing shift in your love life in October, and it all points in this fabulous direction. Jupiter, the planet of blessings and expansion, will move into the deepest part of your chart on October 10 -- the 8th House of Intimacy. This is where you're ready to lay it all out on the table in order to show your lover who you are when no one else is watching, the real you. This is the deepest sharing possible on an erotic and psychological level. It's also about sharing finances and traumatic experiences that you typically prefer to keep buried. You'll have an expanded capacity to enjoy the most soul-satisfying intimacy possible with your partner until November 8, 2018. Adding to the relationship adventure is the fact that Venus will move into your partnership sector on October 14 followed by a delicious New Moon in the same area of your chart on October 19. You are ready for a brand-new chapter with your current mate, and it all has to do with deepening the relationship. If you've recently started to date someone, you could become exclusive by the end of the month ... and find yourselves talking a lot about a future where you can't imagine being without each other.