It'll soon become crystal clear to you that the landscape of your life is about to change. Fortunately, it'll transform into one that's more beautiful to look at than you currently expect. The key to your happiness now has more to do with another person than it might have in the past.

That's right Aries, it's no longer just about "I" in your world. This month, you'll begin to happily focus on "we." Usually you're all about self-development, taking charge and going after what you want -- without necessarily considering how it will affect anyone else. Now, you'll find that this approach isn't enough. You want more and it involves another person. 

Coupledom, in fact, will begin to appeal more to you now than it has in several years. The trick for you will not be so much in learning how to navigate the terrain of partnership, but rather giving yourself permission to soak up all of the incredible goodness that this person has to offer. 

Compromise, collaboration, and true relationship are all expanded lessons for you to experience and rejoice in now. You can thank Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance for this. He'll move into your relationship sector for the first time in 12 years on September 9, and remains in this part of your chart until October 2017. Are you ready?

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Remarkable romance

If this month doesn't leave you feeling more in love with and supported by your partner then perhaps nothing will. You truly are the recipient of the most remarkable energy for relationship. The best part about your love life is that you'll be certain that you're with someone who treats you as a true equal and respects your individuality, as well as the qualities you have to bring to your relationship. Authentic marriage potential opens up for you this September and lasts for the next 13 months. Wow!

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Get ready to breathe a huge sigh of relief Aries because your love life is finally about to get back on track! After September 6, you'll notice that romantic happenings are not only "happening" again, but they'll be moving in the right direction. Then, after September 13, you might have an incredible work related opportunity. This might be a dream assignment that comes your way. Or, if you're a business owner, you might assemble the perfect team to help make things right at the office.

After September 17, your moral code will become more important than ever for you to define. You won't be shy about speaking up for what you really believe in. Mercury retrograde in your relationship sector on the same day might leave you tripping over your partner's words. Do your best to exercise patience in communication until October 9.

Finally, a Lunar Eclipse in your sign on September 27 will allow you to shed any dead skin that's preventing you from shining. Don't think twice -- let it go.

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Keep In Mind:


Love: An important decision

You have SO much happening this month in the love department Aries! First off, if you're single and have started to feel as if your love life was nonexistent you can rejoice. After September 6, expect opportunities to fly in.

If you're in a relationship however, this month can become tricky. After September 17, you and your mate are likely to experience a disagreement regarding an important decision. Do your best to hold off on making it until next month. If you're in a stale relationship, you might decide it's time to part ways around a powerful Lunar Eclipse in your sign on September 27. Let go of what no longer serves you.

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Do you have the itch to sharpen those pencils, organize your office space, or make your work environment more peaceful and productive? Yes, this might be partly due to the "back to school" atmosphere of September, but in your case it's also planetary. With Venus in your workaday sector from September 5-29, you'll be in a great place to enhance peace and productivity in your schedule.

In addition, life at the office should become more enjoyable. Not only will you feel like it's easier to collaborate with anyone you work with, but you're also more likely to adore the assignments that come your way.

An office romance may also be on your radar this month. With the planet of love touring the area of your chart that rules work and those you work with, it's quite possible that you and a colleague will decide to explore that sizzling chemistry between you. Another possibility is that you'll meet someone special at the gym or during one of your routine doctor's visits. Romance will be especially enchanting on September 10, 14 and 21.

A New Moon on September 23 will fall in your partnership sector, adding even more potential to relationship developments. If you're dating someone, it's possible you'll decide to make a more exclusive commitment to one another. Another possibility is that this lunation will open up a business partnership door that you simply MUST walk through! Whether this is a business or personal connection, once Venus enters your relationship sector on September 29, you'll know the two of you are meant to be. 

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Keep In Mind:

Career: Taking Care of Business

Focusing on specific tasks in the present will be more productive than dreaming about the future this month. September begins with the Sun in precise Virgo and your 6th House of Employment, which is why taking care of current business should be a priority. Maximizing your efficiency, and perhaps learning new skills, are excellent ways to benefit from this pragmatic solar transit.

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Love: Listen to your heart

Is there someone at work you've been crushing on? If so, the chemistry might become impossible to ignore after September 5. Your anxieties and insecurities might warn you that getting involved with someone at the office is not a good idea -- especially near September 10. You may feel confused for a bit, but if you listen to your heart it's not likely to steer you wrong in the end. Expect gorgeous support on September 14 if you take this affair public. Even your boss or another VIP doesn't appear to disapprove! 

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Your success this month could hinge on your willingness to pay more attention to minor matters, even if they seem petty. The New Moon in precise Virgo occurs in your 6th House of Service on September 5, and you may feel picked on by overly critical people or stuck with boring tasks. But the New Moon's favorable sextile to benevolent Jupiter offers a world of opportunities if you become more conscientious about your work.

Listening with an open mind becomes particularly valuable when verbal Mercury enters diplomatic Libra and your 7th House of Partners on September 9. Don't rush to respond to delicate questions; thinking through your answers lets you stand up for your side without alienating others. Relationship-conscious Venus' move into intense Scorpio and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on September 11 is another signal to deal with people in a more thoughtful and considerate manner.

On September 19, the dreamy Pisces Full Moon in your 12th House of Secrets underscores the importance of discretion. You may want more time alone now, so make sure to monitor your energy levels and take breaks before you wear yourself out. Quiet communion with nature, contemplation of life's meaning, and other spiritual pursuits nourish your soul and enrich your inner world.

You are able to accumulate professional power with subtlety and grace on September 21 when ambitious Saturn makes its last sextile to generous Jupiter in a series that began on December 26, 2012, and repeated on March 8. The Sun's entry into cooperative Libra and your 7th house on September 22 marks the Vernal Equinox, drawing creative, confident, and charming partners your way.

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Keep In Mind: If you feel hemmed in by a million and one little tasks, make each one a tiny work of art and you'll weave together a rich tapestry of fulfillment.

Career: Narrow Your Vision

Concentrating your efforts on one task and sharpening a single skill should be rewarding this month. September starts with the Sun in analytical Virgo and your 6th House of Employment, which is a signal to focus on being a specialist rather than a Jack or Jane of all trades. While it might feel confining to narrow your activities in this way, you will eventually fly higher by not scattering your attention.

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Love: Loving out Loud

This is a great month to strut your stuff. A playful, outgoing and generous attitude is bound to garner attention and should add a great deal of spice to your personal life. It's the transit of your passionate ruling planet Mars that's kicking up relationship opportunities now. His presence in entertaining Leo and your 5th House of Romance brings plenty of heat to matters of the heart. Confidence and creativity are on your side, but don't let cockiness lead you to overpower someone who isn't into playing as hard or fast as you.

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You're tested this month when circumstances beyond your control thwart your pursuit of your heart's desire. With eclectic Uranus in your 1st House of Personality, you're in a long-term process of reclaiming your individuality. You could push so hard this month that you inadvertently become a threat to someone whom you really want as an ally.

Your key planet, Mars the Warrior, is in passionate Scorpio and your 8th House of Transformation throughout the month, urging you to beat the drums of rebellion on September 3-4, when he aspects Pluto and Uranus. The second of seven squares between Uranus and dark Pluto in your 10th House of Career is exact on September 19. The first one, on June 24, may have triggered your discontent, but the issues you face are complex and may not reach final resolution until the last Uranus-Pluto square on March 16, 2015.

The Virgo New Moon on September 15 falls in your 6th House of Details, making this an ideal time to take small strategic steps on your great journey. Instead of making grandiose plans without substance, do something manageable that has lasting impact.

The Sun's entry into socially astute Libra on September 22 is the Fall Equinox and a time to balance your personal ambitions with those of a partner or workmate. The heat is on as intense aspects fuel the relationship pressure cooker right up through the fiery Aries Full Moon on September 29.

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Keep In Mind: Everything seems to be in a state of change, yet taking your time before reacting will work to your ultimate advantage.

Career: Get Ready for Radical Change

You tend to be fairly independent and prefer not to rely too much on others. However, holding your ground or getting ahead professionally may depend upon how you maximize the return from your working relationships. That's because your powerful ruling planet Mars is in psychologically astute Scorpio and your 8th House of Shared Resources this month.

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Love: Jump Start Your Heart

This could be a breakthrough month in matters of the heart. The adventure starts with amorous Venus entering outgoing Leo and your 5th House of Romance on September 6. This is about taking emotional risks without taking yourself too seriously. You should be especially attractive and have little difficulty getting attention now. But instead of just putting on a show about yourself, make sure you're demonstrating the generosity that makes others feel important to you.

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You continue in a cautious and self-protective mode for the first part of September, while Mars in nurturing Cancer has you seeking safety and staying closer to home in your 4th House of Security until September 18. The Sun, too, keeps you focusing on practical matters as it moves through proficient Virgo and your 6th House of Work and Service until September 23. Your fatigue or frustration from having so many details to manage could spill over during the Full Moon in watery Pisces on September 12.

Magnetic Venus enters pleasure-seeking Libra and your 7th House of Partnerships on September 14, followed by Mars's reassertion of authority when he moves into brazen Leo and your expressive 5th house on September 18. These are sexy, sassy, and alluring transits that revive your inner fire and desire for fun, creativity, and romance. A bit of humility, however, comes in handy on September 27, because the Libra New Moon could uncharacteristically provoke power struggles.

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Keep In Mind: Be patient and persistent as you deal with your obligations. Eventually the clouds of drudgery will disperse so that playtime can return.

Career: Tighten Up Your Act

September may start out in a less dynamic way than your active sign would like. Your assertive ruling planet Mars is barricaded in self-protective Cancer and your domestic 4th house until September 18. The Sun, the source of power and energy, is in your 6th House of Service until September 23, which can bog you down in details and seemingly petty tasks that are unlikely to float your boat. Still, these transits are about tightening up your act, both at home and at work. Refining your skills helps you build a foundation for the growth that you desire.

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Love: Bring Something New to the Table

There are some definite positives in your personal life this month with romantic Venus entering Libra and your 7th House of Partners on September 14, followed there by the expressive Sun on September 23. Both of these tend to make you more attractive to others. Additionally, your passionate ruling planet Mars fires into bold Leo and your 5th House of Romance on September 18 to put more creativity in your play and sizzle into your presentations.

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It's time to break out of old routines, Aries, and opportunistic Jupiter's conjunction with shake-it-up Uranus on September 18 will assist you in the process. But you must reach deep within now, as Jupiter retrogrades back into your 12th House of Imagination on September 9 -- your brain could be exploding with innovative ideas that keep you awake at night. Weeding out the unrealistic fantasies is one way of using the discriminating power of the Virgo New Moon on September 8, which falls in your 6th House of Details. It will require hard work to make your dreams come true. Logical Mercury retrogrades until September 12, offering a glimpse of what's wrong with your current plans so you can make corrections for a more stable future.

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Keep In Mind: Although you may be able to clearly visualize how to resolve your current instability, don't worry if you cannot yet figure out the exact route to your destination.

Career: Construction Zone

The news on the work front can be good this month -- if you're patient enough to plan your next move instead of just acting on impulse. Meticulous Mercury turns direct in your 6th House of Employment on September 12, which should get you heading in the right direction. Mastery of details is more valuable now than brilliant ideas, so make sure you cover the bases that demonstrate competence before taking on any additional responsibilities. On September 14 your ruling planet Mars enters intense Scorpio, which is excellent for digging in and concentrating your efforts on one major task. You can't go it alone though -- matching up with co-workers or associates who can keep up can make a significant difference in what you can accomplish.

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Love: Raising the Stakes

The stakes in the game of love are increasing, and it's time to ante up with more purpose or walk away for a while. Single Rams who dance around potential partners and aren't willing to lay it all on the line can't expect to get into the action now. Astrology's lovers, magnetic Venus and passionate Mars, are plunging into emotionally intense Scorpio and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on September 8 and 14, respectively. Expect relationships to grow thicker with unmet needs, excessive attachment or jealousy, and singles, you can become a magnet for complicated individuals whose desire for you can be both delicious and smothering. You should get some relief when the Sun enters objective Libra on September 22, opening the way to reasonable dialogue in which compromise becomes possible.

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