Although the open road beckons, your car is stuck in the repair shop today. You’re itching for adventure once the Moon enters your 9th House of Travel. However, Saturn the Taskmaster is adamant, refusing to let you go anywhere until you finish your work. You can’t talk your way out of this one. There is no room for diversion; stay singularly devoted until you’re clear of any further obligations. Actress Betty Buckley said, “Good performance is about the capacity to focus and concentrate.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

Get ready for an electric shock to your love life! This Wednesday Jupiter, now in your partnership sector, will oppose Uranus, now moving through your independent and courageous sign. There might be a sudden change in direction to your relationship status, and it could go either way: single to taken or taken to single. The good news is that you'll feel like YOU are the one in control of this massive shakeup to your love life, no matter how it goes down. So hop onto that lightning bolt and get ready for a stimulating ride. Change is coming!

Monthly Horoscope

Aries, you might assume that it's only natural for you to come down from the incredible high you've been on since last month. After all, how much happiness does one sign deserve? Ahhh, lucky for you, the universe feels that you haven't quite had your fill yet. This month will continue to be one that fosters incredible opportunity for romance as well as the pursuit of pleasure. Sure, your ruling planet Mars will edge out of your 5th House of Joy on September 5. And yes, he does plan to direct your energy on work assignments, health, and your routine until October 22. But as you'll soon understand, this is more about a labor of love than torturous drudgery. Plan to work toward achieving a dream job, because it's well within your grasp after the New Moon on September 20. You'll LOVE everything about the work you do by this time -- and you'll also be crazy about the people you work with. Despite your ruling planet shifting gears this month, it's clear that romance and pleasure are still dominating your reality. Venus will continue to move through your true love sector until September 19, and on the 17th will electrify Uranus, now in your sign. Expect sexy sparks with that captivating person who stole your heart.
Shockwaves of possibility will rock your love life this month, Aries! Your ruling planet, Mars, will do something amazing during the first few days of September. He'll move across the degree of the August 21 Solar Eclipse -- the one that was all about LOVE for you! What this does is wake up that sensitive degree and all of the possibilities it suggests for your love life. This might be when a new romance gets off the ground -- even if you have been in contact since last month. Adding to the mix is mental Mercury, turning direct on September 5 -- at the very same eclipse degree! If attached, you and your mate will also experience an exciting twist and turn to your love connection. It'll happen near September 27 when Jupiter and Uranus electrify each other across your relationship axis. This month offers rare and magical Astrology that truly suggests your love life is heading in a powerful new direction. Get ready.