March 24, 2017

What a memorable February it will be! This month love planet Venus coasts into your sign, allowing you to look more beautiful and feel more confident than ever. With Mars already in your sign, you're ready to start the month racing, but after the February 3, you'll have an amazing combination of sophistication and motivation to help you achieve whatever it is you want. You'll probably notice that your entrepreneurial qualities are in high gear this month. If you hope to launch a business or some other goal that is vital to your success, go for it. Recognize that early next month Venus will turn retrograde in your sign, but this doesn't mean your efforts will fail. It's simply a heads-up from the universe that you'll need extra patience while you work though any kinks. Don't worry, you'll get there.

Romantically, this will be a stellar month. Having Venus in your sign gives you extra magnetism, and Mars in your sign provides courage and a boost in libido. Adding to this will be a stunning Lunar Eclipse on the February that falls in your true love sector. Expect magic between you and someone special. This Lunar Eclipse will be at a gorgeous angle to lucky Jupiter, now in your 7th House of Commitment. If you're dating someone, there is a real possibility that the two of you will become engaged or even get married now. Congratulations! If you're already hitched, baby news might be on the horizon.

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Red hot romance

This might be your most exciting month for love in quite some time. Mars, your ruling planet of libido and energy, is already firmly placed in Aries as February begins. He'll continue to move through this sign all month, granting you extraordinary stamina while also amping up your sex drive.

Then, on February 3, his sweetheart Venus will enter Aries, allowing you to enjoy a boost in magnetism and confidence as well. Expect total romantic gratification near February 10 thanks to a Lunar Eclipse in your true love sector. Really, Aries, it doesn't get much better than this. Enjoy!

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One of your most heartfelt dreams may soon come true thanks to the magnificent cosmic support you'll receive this month. It all has to do with your 11th house -- the area of your chart connected to your hopes and wishes. This month you'll enjoy a flurry of planets moving through this sector, energizing it with incredible possibility.

It all starts on February 8 with a New Moon in Aquarius. You'll want to make those special wishes in the two weeks following this lunation, because it truly is your "dream come true" New Moon!

On February 13, Mercury enters Aquarius and your 11th house -- offering you plenty of mental energy to communicate your desires to those who can help you achieve them. Network and be sure to socialize more since there's also a strong opportunity to make new friends and important contacts.

Then on February 16, it gets even brighter when Venus enters Aquarius. Not only will you have all the brain power you need to make something magical happen, but you'll also have the a

bility to magnetize groups of people your way who really do want to help you. In other news, if single, this will be an ideal time to consider internet dating or to try out that new dating app. Or, allow a friend to set you up on a blind date. Romance might happen in the most extraordinary circumstances!

Keep In Mind:


Love: Love and friendship

Love becomes more about friendship for you this month than anything else. Do you consider your sweetheart your BFF? If not, you may feel as if you're missing out on something special in your relationship dynamic.

If you do consider your lover to be your friend as well then you're a lucky soul indeed! This month, knowing that you share so much kinship with your partner will leave your heart feeling fuller than you can imagine.

Hedge your bets for career progress as early in the month as possible. In fact, you'll only have a few short days to act if you need to wrap up a negotiation, sign a contract or have that meeting with a VIP in your industry. Sure, Venus is now strong and direct in the area of your chart that rules success and honors, but Venus isn't the problem: Mercury is.

On February 6, Mercury will enter its retrograde phase, and it will remain napping until February 28. Because this planet rules your communication sector and the area of your chart that involves daily activities connected to work, you might feel less clarity as you convey information to colleagues on a team project. In some cases, you may feel as if you've disappeared from the radar of someone you work with at the office -- and this may be disconcerting. After February 12 this retrograde phase may cause extra frustration if you're working on anything that is connected to technology or the Internet. If you spend time revising projects in this area, however, you will have an edge.

You might also notice that a friend from your past comes back into your life. Perhaps he or she finds you on Facebook or Twitter. Before you know it, you'll reconnect and it may feel as if your pal and you have never missed a beat.

Whether you're single or attached, this Valentine's Day will be sumptuous. A Full Moon on the February 14 in your romance sector promises hearts, flowers, and a very special evening with the person who makes your heart skip a beat. If single, you might attend a party and meet someone who appears larger than life. Expect to dance the night away!

On February 19, don't take it personally if you and a friend aren't seeing eye-to-eye. Make every effort to avoid sounding condescending to your pal. After February 28 you'll work through any misunderstanding.

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Keep In Mind:

Career: A snail's pace

Getting new projects off the ground and getting along with bosses, customers, colleagues and potential partners will be major issues this month. Normally, your assertive ruling planet, Mars, moves slower and slower throughout February until it stops dead in its tracks on March 1, to begin moving backward (retrograde) until May 19. You can make progress now, but at a pace that's probably not to your liking.

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Love: Bask in the glow

This month, love may seem too good to be true. That's because on Valentine's Day -- February 14 -- a dazzling Full Moon will illuminate your romance sector. If you're dating someone new or in a committed relationship, this lunation will help make your Valentine's weekend extra special. Expect to be wined, dined, and swept off your feet by your sweetheart. Lavish gifts, fairy tale romance ... it's all yours for the taking!

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February is ideal for embarking on a spiritual quest, and you don't even need to leave home. The journey starts when Mars slips into magical Pisces and your 12th House of Soul Consciousness on February 1. Your potent ruling planet grows soft and tender in this dreamy part of your chart, which makes charging ahead with projects a bit more unappealing than usual. Investing time in metaphysical studies, prayer and meditation allows you to take much-needed breaks from the demands of daily life and put your worldly ambitions in perspective.

As cerebral Mercury shifts into your 12th House on February 5, you favor imagination over logic and intuition over reason. Mercury's conjunction with diaphanous Neptune on February 6 diffuses your concentration and leads to confusing conversations, but it's bound to enhance your creativity.

Enjoy a fresh start with friends and colleagues on February 10, with the Aquarius New Moon in your 11th House of Groups. If you've made commitments that no longer suit your needs, this lunation might motivate you to back out of them. The Sun's shift into gentle Pisces and your 12th House of Privacy on February 18 takes you out of the spotlight or reduces your drive, yet it's a wonderful opportunity to recognize how much pleasure you receive from helping those less fortunate than you.

A wave of compassion and forgiveness sweeps over you on February 21, thanks to a solar conjunction with spiritual Neptune, dissolving any feelings of guilt and seeding future dreams. Mercury's retrograde turn on February 23 slows communication and muddles messages. But the industrious Virgo Full Moon in your 6th House of Work on February 25 may reveal an unusual way to be more efficient on the job.

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Keep In Mind: The work that's most meaningful to you may be invisible to others, but it still can nourish your soul and restore your spirit in powerful ways.

Career: Keep Your Antennae Up

Cooperation and imagination are two keys to success this month. Discretion is essential, as you may need to work in the background without getting the recognition you desire and coming on strong could be taken in the wrong way. February starts with the willful Sun in group-oriented Aquarius and your 11th House of Teamwork. Getting along with colleagues is probably more important than making yourself shine. Others might not readily accept innovative concepts that are totally logical to you. Having allies who support your positions makes the difference between struggling against the tide alone and riding a wave of collective confidence in your abilities.

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Love: Show Your Devotion

You might need to go into stealth mode to advance your personal interests this month. Your aggressive ruling planet Mars slips into the super sensitive sign of Pisces on February 1, which tends to diffuse passion and soften your approach to going after who and what you want. This transit occurs in your off-the-grid 12th House of Spirituality, where it increases your need for privacy.

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This month is all about methodically showing up for the daily grind. Your key planet, Mars, tells the story as he stalls in your 6th House of Routine, emphasizing the regularity of your life. Mars just turned retrograde on Jan. 23, so you'll need time to accept the fact that you aren't able to make as much progress as you want. But don't let panic trick you into thinking that you're doing something wrong. You'll have opportunities to make up for lost time after Mars turns direct on April 13.

Be careful on Feb. 1 when the cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, stand off in a tug-of-war. If the sweet satisfaction of love seems far away, open your heart to the pleasures around you rather than allowing your discouragement to turn into anger. On Feb. 3, dreamy Neptune's shift into compassionate Pisces begins a gradual process that softens your antagonistic approach and increases your patience with others. The fiery Leo Full Moon on Feb. 7 activates your 5th House of Love, while romantic Venus enters your ardent sign on Feb. 8, increasing your desires as well as your charm.

Fantasy leaks into the real world on Feb. 13 when Mercury enters surreal Pisces and then hooks up with Neptune on Valentine's Day. Luckily, your serious attitude, coupled with hard work, can stabilize a relationship as the Sun trines karmic Saturn on Feb. 18. Although you may still be experiencing frustration because of a general lack of momentum, the psychic Pisces New Moon on Feb. 21 can offer you encouraging glimpses of where you're heading in the future.

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Keep In Mind: Don't be discouraged by your lack of progress; a setback may be a blessing in disguise that gives you more time to solidify your plans.

Career: Slow and steady wins at work

Your key or ruling planet Mars tends to be impatient. Pushing ahead quickly and directly tends to be your style. But slowing the pace may get you further this month professionally than being in a hurry.

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Love: Hurry up and slow down

There's a big plus coming for your relationship life this month, but you still may need to be cautious to take advantage of it. Venus, the planet of love, enters Aries on February 7, which can increase your self-esteem and make you more attractive to others. Updating your appearance and seeking out new people and activities are good ways to take advantage of this transit. Experimenting with your look can be a fun way to get attention as long as you don't take yourself too seriously. A playful attitude goes a long way toward making unusual outfits and hair more interesting to others.

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You don't slow down this month with fiery Mars conjunct the Sun at the Aquarius New Moon on February 2 and the Leo Full Moon on February 18. Your ruling planet's involvement at these significant times is ideal for launching projects, establishing alliances and potential periods of conflict. However, the go-it-alone approach of warrior Mars is countered by its presence in group-oriented Aquarius.

The Sun slides into ethereal Pisces and your spiritual 12th House hours after the expressive Leo Full Moon on February 18. This transit attracts you to magical places where faith, nature, and the arts give new meaning in your life. You may be inclined to pull back from the world to draw deeply from this well of healing energy. The value of taking a long-term view is underscored by a powerful square between optimistic Jupiter and incisive Pluto on February 25.

Jupiter's entry into your sign on January 22 may have enlightened you with a more expansive vision of your future. Now the giant planet's contact with Pluto reveals what you must purge to make way for a better tomorrow.

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Keep In Mind: You don't have to fight every battle that comes your way. Sometimes exiting the scene allows troubled emotions to settle and prevent unnecessary conflicts.

Career: Support System

Gaining the support of friends and colleagues and working with teams are major issues this month. The New Moon on February 2 lands in your 11th House of Groups, putting some focus on working relationships. Learning how to take the lead one moment and then pass the ball to a co-worker is a vital skill that can make the difference between success and frustration.

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Love: Step Back and Observe

With your normally passionate ruling planet Mars in chilly Aquarius this month it's a good time to step back and take a more objective view of your relationship life. Instead of forcing issues or letting your emotions take over this is an opportunity to examine your situation with a dash of detachment.

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Circumstances prevent you from reaching your goals at the beginning of the month when visionary Jupiter clashes with realistic Saturn on February 5. But your dreams offer hope as beautiful Venus conjuncts healing Chiron and illusory Neptune on February 7 and 8. The Chiron-Neptune conjunction is exact on February 17, furnishing you with opportunities to mend old emotional wounds. The progressive Aquarius New Moon on February 13 joins Chiron and Neptune to further emphasize the anticipation of better days ahead; just watch out for the trap of negativity. The practical Virgo Full Moon on February 28 falls in your 6th House of Routine -- keeping up your end of a bargain is important, but don't forget to balance work with play.

Keep In Mind: Instead of applying quick fixes to obtain immediate results, widen your horizons and look a couple months ahead. Work steadily and consistently, and your efforts will be rewarded down the road.

Career: Patience is a Virtue

Your dynamic ruling planet Mars continues to backpedal in Leo through all of February, stirring up old creative interests yet making it harder to advance new projects. Colleagues and friends could play an important role with the Aquarius Sun in your 11th House of Groups until February 18. The February 13 New Moon in Aquarius may initiate a fresh cycle of alliances, and dreamy Neptune's conjunction with this New Moon can stir hopes of something more inspiring than your current job. While it's appropriate to let your imagination conjure up fantastic business ideas, be skeptical of those who make big promises without a solid foundation to back them up. The Sun's shift into Pisces and your 12th House of Privacy on February 18 can put you in a retiring mood through the end of the month.

Love: Romance in Reverse

Your passionate ruling planet Mars is moving through expressive Leo and your 5th House of Romance this month, yet with Mars moving retrograde through March 10, your social life may be lagging. If you're in a relationship, you might be dealing with old issues that you'd prefer to forget forever. However, Mars' harmonious alignment with reliable Saturn on February 15 should bring some order and stability into your personal life. On February 18 the Sun enters sensitive Pisces and your personal 12th House of Privacy, so you may need some low-key time away from the spotlight. However, it can be sexy to be more sensitive, so cultivate quiet connections in out-of-the-way places where you don't have to shout to be heard or need to put on a big show to get attention.