Your attention is singularly focused on receiving recognition at work today, and you’ll do nearly anything to achieve success. Unfortunately, you could inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings if you don’t stop to think about how your relentless drive might negatively impact others. Saying you’re sorry after the fact isn’t good enough; it doesn’t undo any pain you caused. Taking the time to check in with those around you enables you to avoid any unnecessary harm -- and the satisfactory glow of your accomplishments burns brighter than before.

Weekly Love Horoscope

Swimming in romantic Fantasyland might trip you up. There are certain ideals we all have when it comes to love and relationship. How we wish our partner could be, however, often falls short of our unrealistic expectations. This week, you might have a major lesson connected to this theme. If you are trying too hard to fit your partner into a version of your perfect reverie, then you might be sabotaging all of the incredible goodness you actually have right in front of you. See your relationship for what it is. And be grateful for it.

Monthly Horoscope

Although it might seem counterintuitive, this will be a month when relying on your faith to manifest what you want materially will truly make all the difference in the world. Abundance can and will be yours, Aries, but first you've gotta remember to have faith. A Full Moon on November 4 in your earned income sector promises financial rewards directly related to your capacity to truly live this concept. Although it might feel all too much like you're reciting pages out of The Secret this month, go ahead and get your inspirational groove on, because it will serve you well. Don't say things like. "I wish I had more money," or, "I want to make more money." Be mindful of how you're presenting your intentions out into the world. Instead, declare: "I am grateful for my endless supply of cash. I love being able to buy whatever my heart desires." Although this might seem a little far-fetched and new agey, with a Full Moon in Taurus at a such a perfect angle to Neptune in your 12th House of Spirituality, there is no doubt about it: financial fulfillment is yours, as long as you know in your heart it will be. Later in the month there's a good chance you'll be navigating at least one significant financial opportunity. A new investment prospect might open up, for example. Use your enhanced spidey senses to research whether or not it's the right fit. You'll just "know." After November 18 you might hear news about a generous bonus, commission payment, royalty check, or opportunity to generate passive income. Make it happen. Your erotic life will also enjoy more stimulation this month, particularly if you're in a close, committed relationship. Your partner wants to benefit you in every way possible and will do whatever it takes to please you both in and out of the bedroom. Do not take this for granted.
It's no secret that your heart has gone through its share of pain and demolition, Aries. Although you have a tough warrior exterior, deep down inside you do want a relationship that helps balance you out and smooth over your rough edges. Because you're convinced, however, that love is meant to be a battlefield, it's often difficult to achieve the type of bond you deeply crave. Why? Because that would mean having the courage to make yourself vulnerable to love. Love can lead to pain -- and you know this. But lately you realize that the risk of pain only happens when love is lost. And the pain of not having the courage to fiercely love someone is the type of pain you're no longer willing to accept in your life. Fortunately, the universe has likely provided you with the most incredible opportunity to meet someone new and open your heart in recent months, if you're single. If you're attached, you are now being given the opportunity to reveal all of yourself to your partner and experience the genuine transformation and healing that can occur because of the power of love. All of this is the gift of Scorpio energy, which represents your 8th House of Intimacy and Regeneration. Expansive Jupiter is already in Scorpio (since October 10), and on November 7 Venus joins the same area of your chart. A promising New Moon on the 18th also lands here. You are bold Aries, and you know it. This month, you'll begin to understand just how brave your heart is as well. The glorious reward that will come from this fearlessness is yours. That reward? Love.