A refreshing wave of energy washes through your life today and you are exhilarated by the variety of options on your doorstep. Although you're tempted to talk about your brilliant ideas, it's not wise to let others in on your plans yet. Instead of openly sharing what's on your mind, it's more efficient to keep your intentions quiet until you're sure of your new direction. Cultivate your newfound power by conserving it until you're ready to make your move.

Weekly Love Horoscope

You'll be back in your element this week thanks to Venus moving back into Aries on Friday. Although Venus has been in your sign from February 3-April 2, she turned retrograde after March 4, giving your love life a swift kick in the pants. You might have struggled over the last few weeks to redefine yourself in the context of your relationship. You might have also had a few decisions to make connected to being in love while also being true to yourself. Happily, all of this is now behind you. From this week until June 6, you'll enjoy the very best of what Venus has to offer you in your sign -- confidence, romance, and allure.

Monthly Horoscope

Venus will retrograde out of your sign and into the most hidden area of your chart from April 2-15 before turning direct. As a result, you might have a stronger need to spend time alone and recharge your spiritual batteries. If possible, this will be an ideal time to "run away" from your real life for a couple of days to visit a spa or other type of retreat. Giving yourself permission to break down will lead you straight to a breakthrough. Deep, honest revelations about your love life are also possible now -- listen to your heart. A Full Moon in your partnership sector on the April 11 allows a deepening in the bond you share with your mate. You might also gain a new level of awareness about a business alliance. Mercury will turn retrograde on April 9, and for the rest of the month you'll spend time reviewing how you use your talents to earn money as well as what you're really doing with your cash. Make revisions as needed. You might begin to feel sorely misunderstood or misrepresented after April 20 when Mercury backpedals into Aries. Be patient as you clarify your words to yourself, and to others. Finally, your ruling planet Mars will move into your communication sector on April 21. Until June 4 you'll have all the courage you need to convey your ideas out into the world. Speak boldly, but don't forget to speak wisely.
You'll go deep this month in order to figure out exactly what is holding you back from experiencing the deepest, most rewarding spiritual connection with your mate. Fortunately, a breakthrough is likely around April 15. In addition, a supportive Full Moon in your partnership sector on April 11 will bring to light that missing puzzle piece you've needed to complete the mysterious and beautiful story of your love life.