Communicating your needs is essential in a relationship, but your tendency to be overly blunt can create an awkward dynamic. You are eager to make something special happen now, yet the cautious Cancer New Moon in your 4th House of Security leaves you uncertain on how to move the energy forward. Don't overpower your desires with intentions. Listen to your intuition if it tells you to wait. Nothing positive is gained by pushing your agenda too soon.

Weekly Love Horoscope

Your dream lover is someone who not only appreciates your independence, but also respects you for your talents and abilities. This week, it looks like you'll feel quite gratified in this regard. Someone you are already with will be in awe of your professional acumen, and this will surely deepen your love. If you are single, it's possible that you'll meet someone who is smitten with you because of your accomplishments. This will be right up your alley!

Monthly Horoscope

Your ruling planet, Mars, will dive into your 4th House of Home and Family on June 4 - July 20, making domestic matters your biggest priority. You might have a bit of housecleaning to do -- both literally and figuratively. There's the potential for you to make significant changes to your home if you've been wanting to do a renovation or other type of at home makeover. Another possibility is that you'll become more assertive with relatives, standing your ground over a situation that you might not agree on. The good news about having Mars in your 4th house is that no matter what, you will fight for your family. Finances are a bright spot this June thanks to Venus touring your earned income sector from June 6 - July 4. This will be a perfect time to raise your rates for any goods or services you provide. If you work for a company, schedule a meeting to ask your boss for a raise. Your prospect of doing this looks amazing near June 24. A New Moon in Cancer on June 23 falls in your family sector, opening up a fabulous opportunity for you to begin searching for your dream home or apartment if you're considering a move. Act within two weeks of this lunation for the best results.
You and your partner will be quite focused on money and resources this month. Happily, it appears to be a financially lucrative time for both of you, and you'll both have the attitude of "there's more where that came from." You might want to spend some of your cash improving your living situation with your sweetheart. The two of you might invest in new furniture or accessories or even consider buying a home together.