You might spend a good chunk of time this month reconsidering your financial decisions, or a choice you've made about your love life. From March 4 to April 15 Venus will move retrograde, mainly in your communication sector. As a result, the thoughts you have connected to romance and money are likely to go back to the past a lot more than usual. If you have any regrets and have the opportunity to make them right, you will.

Domestic squabbles might become more of a nuisance from March 9 to April 21. If you notice that your temper is much shorter with a relative, do your best to take the high road. You might also want to begin doing some work around the house. A DIY project would be a perfect way to harness the potent energy of Mars moving through your home and family sector now.

On March 12 you might hear news about taxes, an investment, or credit. Payment on a loan might be due, and it's possible that you'll settle a significant chunk of debt, much to your relief. Another possibility is that you will hear news that you owe more in taxes than you initially thought. Ouch!

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Love: Talk it out

You and your partner might have a few kinks to work out in your communication. Perhaps there is a decision about finances or about the future of your relationship that you can't agree on.

Another possibility is that you need to bring up something from the past that you thought you already worked through, but now realize you haven't. With Venus moving retrograde in your message sector after March 4, you'll have an opportunity to revisit a lot of old territory and dialogue together.

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You'll feel ready to fight for any cause you believe in. In fact, you'll be so passionate about it this month that you'll have extraordinary potential to lead others down the path you know is right. On March 5, Mars will enter the area of your chart connected to large groups, humanitarian effort, and your greatest hopes and dreams.

As a result, you can anticipate more passion to go after your most heartfelt desires. They are not likely to be purely selfish either -- instead it appears that what drives you now is what will help the collective. Listen to the voice that stirs inside of you now because truly, you can make an incredible difference.

In other news, a Solar Eclipse will light up your earned income sector with great potential on March 8. Venus will join the same area of your chart on March 12, so it does seem like money is coming your way through a new enterprise of some kind.

Don't be afraid to ask your boss for what you know you're worth. You're more valued professionally than you may realize, and this month, you'll finally begin to see this for yourself. Allow your most imaginative talents to shine -- that's where you'll see the greatest pay off.

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Love: All about you

If you're looking for a boost in confidence, this month you'll surely receive it from your partner! Your sweetheart will remind you just how amazing you are. He or she will lift you up, inspire you to be your very best and will serve as your greatest cheerleader no matter what it is you attempt to accomplish. He or she might even have you so high up on a pedestal this month that you wonder if it's too good to be true. Don't second guess unconditional love. Treasure it.

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Early this month you'll have a brilliant opportunity to seal a deal with a prospective VIP client or a potential new business ally. Be sure to sign contracts on March 3, if possible -- you'll be in a favorable position.

On March 4, don't be surprised if the communication landscape changes dramatically. If you've been holding on to top secret information, you might inadvertently reveal it to someone during a conversation. Or, you might reveal it on purpose if this person pushes certain buttons of yours. Be careful!

A Full Moon on March 5 in the area of your chart that rules investments might bring news about dividends or some other type of payout. This will also be a great time to finalize your taxes, because you'll have full awareness about your finances and you will be able to communicate them efficiently to your accountant.

Home and family matters take a positive turn after March 17. Until April 11, expect a greater sense of harmony and cooperation between you and relatives. You might decide to decorate a room in your home or purchase something nice, such as an antique. Don't break the bank! Fortunately, with a Solar Eclipse in your earned income sector on March 19, that's not likely to happen. A new revenue stream might open up. Make the most of it.

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Love: Nesting

You might feel like the luckiest person in the world when it comes to partnership and love. On March 3, a gorgeous connection between Jupiter, now in your relationship sector, and Uranus, will bring a sudden conversation between you and your mate that is sure to fortify your union in the most exciting way possible.

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Life will be better for you than for most this month. On March 1, an exciting new income opportunity might present itself, and if so you'll certainly want to take advantage of it. If you're enrolled in a certification program or you're studying for an advanced degree, you might feel frustrated at your academic progress. In some cases, the temptation to drop out will be strong. Do your best to see this cycle through. It might be that you decide to switch majors or that you just need a temporary break. After May 19, you'll be back on track.

On March 5 and until April 5, you'll be the most attractive sign of the entire zodiac! You can thank Venus, the planet of love and beauty, for this. She'll move into your sign, allowing you to receive her benefits in the easiest way possible. You'll be more charming and magnetic, and you will have a more positive time in relationships. Be sure to have an important conversation about money or love on March 18. You'll be glad you did.

The month might end with an opportunity to take a short trip, but you'll need plenty of patience to address unexpected frustrations attached to it. Decide not to allow anything to get in the way of you enjoying yourself.

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Career: Daydream believer

If conversations and making connections have bogged you down recently, don't fret. Mental Mercury turned forward in your sign on February 28 and will pick up speed all month to push these matters forward. A key to supporting this process is to be cooperative and diplomatic.

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Love: Use your charm

There's promising news in the romance department this month! On March 5, Venus will enter your sign, where she will remain until April 5. This auspicious cycle occurs approximately once each year for everyone, and during the time that Venus graces your sign you can count on being the most alluring and magnetic of the entire zodiac! If you're looking to spruce up your appearance to help you feel more confidence to pursue the object of your affection, now you've got the cosmos on your side. You'll have an extraordinary opportunity to use your grace and charm to your advantage, and to enjoy a more positive time in any relationship.

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If you're a lover of new ideas -- which most Aquarians are -- you're in for an amazing month. Valiant Mars leads the way on March 12, when he enters pioneering Aries and your 3rd House of Information and Education to fire up your brain with intellectual challenges. The Sun shifts into bold Aries on March 20, marking the Spring Equinox, to add confidence in your search for answers and inspire courage in your drive to express yourself.

Sassy Venus makes the same transition on March 21, spicing up your conversations and learning experiences with flirtatious intrigue. Yet before you start indulging in pleasure, it pays to take another look at money matters, because the spacey Pisces New Moon falls in your 2nd House of Income on March 11. Conjunctions with aesthetic Venus and ardent Mars give you a boost of creativity to increase your cash flow, enhance your self-worth and put more delight in your personal life.

It's time to leave financial fantasies behind and address current economic issues in a realistic manner when Mercury's direct turn in your 2nd House of Finances on March 17 occurs very close to dreamy Neptune. If you've had a moneymaking plan on hold, however, the messenger planet picks up speed in the weeks ahead, which could get your deal moving again.

On March 27, the usually languorous Libra Full Moon in your 9th House of Faraway Places is agitated by hard aspects to Uranus, Pluto, Venus and Mars that could shake up travel plans. A sudden impulse to change your itinerary or take off for an exotic locale can inspire your mind, but may be overly ambitious for your budget.

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Keep In Mind: If you can't apply an exciting insight in your life right now, let it go. Many more bright ideas will be coming your way.

Career: Strike for Gold

Finances are a key issue this month, which opens with four planets in your 2nd House of Income. The life-giving Sun, charming Venus, aggressive Mars and brainy Mercury are all in Pisces to inspire dreams of greater resources. Your imagination is a powerful asset for recognizing economic opportunities. In fact, investing in activities that tap into your creativity might not seem like serious career moves, yet getting those juices flowing in any way can pay dividends down the road. Let your intuition, rather than your intellect, guide your choices.

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Love: A Bold New World

A little pampering can do you some good this month. But don't rely on someone else to treat you in the best possible way. While you're not a candidate for abuse, giving yourself great treatment is how you can contribute to your happiness. The willful Sun is in gentle Pisces and your 2nd House of Self-Worth until March 20. This is why investing in activities and objects that make you feel good about yourself are recommended now. In fact, mental Mercury is in this part of your chart all month, encouraging imaginative thinking.

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Money issues are on your plate this month with the Sun in your 2nd House of Personal Resources -- and its opposition to insistent Mars in your 8th House of Shared Resources on March 3 means that others are involved in your financial picture, too. Mars in introspective Virgo is retrograde, turning your energy inward as you seek solutions through logical analysis rather than overt action. The cautious Virgo Full Moon is conjunct action-planet Mars on March 8 in your regenerative 8th House, but even if you know your next move, you might not be able to put your plan into motion yet.

Someone comes to your rescue or you receive sound advice on March 13-14, when Mars forms a practical Grand Earth Trine with sweet Venus, magnanimous Jupiter and insightful Pluto. But everything takes longer than you wish because your everyday life is so busy, with mischievous Mercury turning retrograde in your 3rd House of Immediate Environment on March 12. Because of its backward turn, the trickster planet's conjunction to erratic Uranus on March 5 is repeated on March 18, bringing detours and unexpected distractions that can surprise and even shock you with their suddenness.

Your life grows hectic on the Spring Equinox, the day the Sun shifts into impetuous Aries and your busy 3rd house on March 20. You can find yourself running around in circles without getting a lot done. The excitable Aries New Moon on March 22 conjuncts cerebral Mercury and high-strung Uranus in your 3rd house, generating radical ideas that can take you on a wild goose chase unless you remember to think before you act.

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Keep In Mind: There's so much coming at you from many directions that it's important to find time to relax and soothe your overactive nerves.

Career: Let Your Imagination Soar

March begins with the Sun in tender Pisces and your 2nd House of Self-worth. The downside could include uncertainty and doubts about your value. However, this certainly isn't necessary, and is, in fact, more useful as a period when you let your imagination run free. While you might not be able to transform all your creative thoughts into money-making activities, the inspiration you feel is likely to open your eyes to concepts that will eventually increase your income.

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Love: Connecting and Reconnecting

Generally, your mind is your most desirable asset, and you'll have a chance to work it out with new people or in new ways as of March 2. That's when cerebral Mercury fires into Aries and your 3rd House of Communication. The good news is you are able to strike up conversations with just about anyone, and hopefully you will attract bright minds that can keep up with yours. If you're in a comfortable relationship, however, be careful about making comments you think are clever, but which come across as harsh and critical.

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This is an amazing month when the new and the old merge to establish a foundation on which you can build your future. Your taste for the unusual is stimulated on March 9, when brainy Mercury joins quirky Uranus to excite your intuition before entering spontaneous Aries and your 3rd House of Intellect later that day. Revolutionary Uranus, your ruling planet, bolts into Aries on March 11, beginning a seven-year period of erratic changes in your daily life, making it crucial for you to be as flexible as possible.

The Sun's shift into risk-taking Aries on March 20 marks the Spring Equinox; the wave of energy and enthusiasm it brings to your 3rd house makes you a more compelling conversationalist. A Sun-Uranus conjunction on March 21 sparks ideas so unusual, they could provoke controversy.

The inspirational Pisces New Moon on March 4 occurs in your 2nd House of Resources. Worry or inattention might create money problems -- but since enterprising Mars is in the picture, you could also find a fresh approach to earning income. The key event, though, is extravagant Jupiter's third and last opposition to responsible Saturn on March 28. Adjustments and realignments you made in professional matters on May 23 and August 16, 2010, are ready to be finalized. It's time to take a stand on long-term issues, even though you may need to do some additional tinkering when Mercury turns retrograde on March 30.

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Keep In Mind: An ongoing series of brainstorms makes it hard for you to maintain a steady pace, yet brilliant ideas need solid ground to take root and grow.

Career: Watch Your Wallet

Money may be more on your mind than usual this month. March starts with the Sun in your 2nd House of Income and will be in this part of your chart until March 20. Aggressive Mars will be in this house all month, putting plenty of energy behind the need to earn more or to develop new resources. These transits, though, are occurring in the imaginative sign of Pisces, which is better for inspiring new ideas than becoming more careful with your cash. If you want or need more, the answer may come through creative thinking rather than coming up with a better savings plan.

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Love: Love Yourself First

Your ability to attract who and what you want is increasing this month. Venus, the planet of magnetism, enters Aquarius on March 1 and will be putting you in a positive light through March 26. The key to putting this to use is to start by pleasing yourself. Yup, that may sound selfish but it's not. It's just a first step toward tapping into the growing sense of self-worth that's available to you this month.

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This month brings the movement you've been craving, yet each accomplishment raises another obstacle to surmount. Fortunately, you're motivated to reach your goals and have the stamina to apply yourself now. The Sun enters Aries on March 20, then trines active Mars and opposes show-stopping Saturn on March 21, repeating the pattern of advancement followed by obstruction. But the overall movement is steady because energetic Mars turns direct on March 10 after moving backwards since last December. The emotional Pisces New Moon in your 2nd House of Income brings fresh ideas about making money, yet the socially-astute Libra Full Moon on March 29 in your 9th House of Big Ideas encourages you to promise more than you can deliver.

Keep In Mind: Big changes occur slowly, so don't get frustrated when your progress is hampered. You're learning valuable lessons about adjusting to the limits of others.

Career: Vim and Vigor

Mars, the planet of aggression and initiative, has been dancing backwards in your 7th House of Partners since last December, finally turning direct on March 10. If you've been spinning your wheels trying to make an impression or get a project rolling, you should get some traction before the month is over. The New Moon on March 15 can spark a sudden change of mind as mental Mercury is joined then with your electric ruling planet Uranus. Mercury then fires into your chatty 3rd House of Communication on March 17, followed there by the Sun on March 20, increasing your chances of selling an original concept then.

Love: Feelings are Flowing Faster

Venus, the planet of love, is floating in sensitive Pisces until March 7, which could stir some romantic dreams but could also be just a little sleepy for your taste. On March 3, however, your ruling planet Uranus joins Venus to send shockwaves through relationships. Venus will be in your 3rd House of Bright Ideas and Smart People at this time, which often stimulates interest in a person with whom you're having an argument. We know that most Aquarians believe in peace, but when ideas differ about politics, religion or other major issues, things can get pretty heated. Yet it's exactly this kind of clash of concepts that can be as attracting as it is irritating.