You are strangely quiet today, but your presence seems larger than life to others. The unrelenting Scorpio New Moon concentrates the cosmic energy in your 10th House of Status, but the most profound transformations are occurring out of everyone else’s sight. Nevertheless, everything will become obvious once you put your action plan into motion. Your ambitious goals are within reach; all you need to do is stretch your wings. Dr. Albert Schweitzer wrote, “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

Conversations with a friend this week about your love life will help you see things from a new perspective. Perhaps you've been closed-minded about a difference of opinion you and your partner have. This can be on any topic, but because you can't seem to respect each other's opposing viewpoints, it might be driving a wedge between you. Confiding in a friend will soon make you realize that it's more about your need to be right, and that this desire is literally blocking romance. It doesn't have to be this way. You can love someone and not always agree. Yes, it IS possible.

Monthly Horoscope

Your living situation is changing in the most incredible way possible. Adding to that, this month offers spectacular opportunities for career growth. Since November will be a month of fortune and joy, you'll want to pay close attention to how to maximize all of your delicious cosmic potential! It all begins on November 4 with a Full Moon in your home and family sector. This lunation signals the culmination of a major real estate transaction if you're about to buy or sell land or a home. The contracts will run smoothly as well as any negotiations you have yet to finalize. Alternatively, if there is news from a family member at this time, you can expect it to be quite positive. You might also make a significant decision with members of your family that everyone feels optimistic about. As early as November 7, however, your full attention will turn to career thanks to all the delicious energy that will begin to build in this part of your chart. Venus will join Jupiter here on November 13, making it a 5-star lucky day for you professionally. You might receive a significant award or reach a milestone that celebrates you for your contributions thus far in your industry. A financial reward is also a distinct possibility, and if that happens you may notice it near November 16. If you're considering starting a new business or reaching for a promotion, however, you'll want to hold off until after November 18. A dazzling New Moon at the top of your chart will help make you move those career mountains.
Your partner will definitely make you look better this month. In fact, he or she could wind up becoming the man or woman behind your success. Here's why… On November 7 Venus, the planet of love, will edge into your 10th House of Career, Status, and Reputation, and remains here through December 1. Now to be clear: Jupiter, the planet of blessings, is already there, and it's obvious that you're ready to move some serious mountains professionally. Having said that, it's very possible that during the month of November your sweetheart will become valuable in this process. The possible scenarios are endless. To start, your partner might have a connection to someone powerful or popular in your industry -- someone whose voice matters. A strategic introduction through your mate might lead to an opportunity to make a lasting impression on this key figure. And you certainly will! Another possible way your sweetheart can help is simply by showing you unwavering support as you pursue a major career goal. Having the one you love be your greatest cheerleader can make all the difference between success and failure. This month, it's clear that your partner not only has your back, but truly admires you for all that you have already accomplished -- as well as what you aspire to achieve next. November 13 might be a stellar day for romance thanks to the two of you celebrating a professional triumph. Success is definitely an aphrodisiac! If you're single, you might fall for someone in your industry who you hold in high regard. After November 5, you might also find it easier to meet someone through friends, since your social life will pick up. A stimulating conversation on the 25th with one of your pals can easily turn into a romantic rendezvous!