You may have unrealistic aspirations about making money, but without trying you will never know what could happen. However, your success is not far off in the future or to be found at the distant edges of the cosmos. It is right here and right now. You owe it to yourself to step beyond your comfort zone while the impetuous Aries Moon travels through your 3rd House of Immediate Environment. Stephen King wrote, “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

You are definitely the star of the cosmic show this week thanks to a Solar Eclipse falling in Aquarius on Thursday. This eclipse will have decided implications on your personal development but also on your love life. For starters, you're feeling more liberated and ready to reveal your weirdness on a whole new level. Fortunately, this is exactly what your partner is most attracted to about you, so you're likely to receive amazing support from him or her no matter what you've got up your sleeve next. In fact, the element of surprise will only make sparks between you fly even more. If your partner could predict what you'd do next, you just wouldn't be you.

Monthly Horoscope

February will be a happy month for you when it comes to finances. As early as February 10 you'll notice a seismic shift in your ability to attract abundance into your world thanks to Venus moving into your earned income sector. She will remain in the sign of Pisces until March 6, offering you a literal lesson on the law of attraction when it comes to cash flow. As long as you firmly know that there is more where that came from, the universe will provide you with endless opportunities to increase your earnings. Although it might sound corny, try to go with it and see for yourself what magic might occur. You'll be pleasantly surprised. As the month begins, however, you'll be more concerned about a recent turning point in a close, personal relationship. A potent Lunar Eclipse fell in your partnership sector on January 31 and this eclipse very likely sealed the deal between you and your love. You might have become engaged or made another type of commitment to one another. If, however, your connection with each other has not been fulfilling your needs, then the two of you might have realized it was time to part ways. If this did occur, you are the type who would have done everything in your power to remain friends. Hopefully you succeeded. Whatever happened in the relationship department will continue to shift you on a personal level this month. In fact, there are decided indications that after February 15 you'll initiate a remarkable fresh start in your life. This is due to a Solar Eclipse that will fall in your sign. You're finally becoming who you truly are meant to be, Aquarius, and you've never been freer to do so.
If there's ever been a time when you're completely in the driver's seat concerning your love life (and your life in general), it's this month. You're likely feeling pretty much on top of the world as February opens up. Venus will continue to tour your sign through February 10, making you feel confident, beautiful, and easily able to attract anything you want your way. You're like a magnet for goodness and all you have to do is flip the switch to the "receive" setting. Anything is truly possible, so don't waste this opportunity! Life really takes an interesting turn for you on February 15. A brilliant Solar Eclipse will fall in Aquarius at this time, making you the celestial favorite for change. Life really is all about you at this time, what you want and how you want to get it. Set those intentions out there and design your life as it's an incredible blank canvas waiting for you to transform it into a masterpiece. Nowhere is this truer than in your love life. If you are single, the next several months are filled with vibrant potential for you to meet someone who sets your heart on fire. If you're in a relationship, then you've got all the ingredients at your disposal to ensure that it continues to be the adventure of a lifetime. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!