Hanging out with friends sounds like the perfect way to idle away the day. You’re not feeling particularly ambitious now, but the notion of sharing your dreams with like-minded people brings a smile to your face. Unfortunately, a social gathering might not be as lively as you expect, especially if everyone is absorbed in their own personal stories today. Nevertheless, simply being in the same space together prevents you from feeling lonely or alienated. Practicing cautious optimism allows for the possibility of manifesting magic when the time is right.

Weekly Love Horoscope

This might be a good week to re-evaluate that romantic relationship you've got going on with a friend. Is this a "friends with benefits" situation, or has it turned into something more? Has one of you fallen in love, while the other is determined to be lovers without attachment? There is a definite shift happening in this connection. Happily, it appears that the both of you can get what you want. You both simply need to be willing to allow this relationship to evolve the way it's meant to. Stop pushing it. Most of all, stop trying to define it.

Monthly Horoscope

Your love and social life might feel like a confusing mess this December, but don't worry, at least you have your career going for you! Still, early in the month -- around December 3 -- you might feel as if you have been duped in matters of the heart. Your lover might literally be keeping a secret from you and if so, you'll feel extremely disenchanted when you discover what it is. Most likely it has to do with him or her being irresponsible with finances. If that's the case, this is a gray area. On the one hand, it serves as a red flag for you because if things get more serious, you now know that your sweetie has a mess or two to clean up financially. You honestly won't want to touch it. On the other hand, however, it really isn't your business to be overly concerned about it since you're only in the dating stage. What you should be upset over, however, is the fact that your love is not being entirely truthful with you about something. Whether it's a money situation or another issue, the real problem is that trust is already being eroded. That's never a good sign. If you have any children, you might feel a major financial drain because of them early this month as well. Hey, we all know that kids are expensive, so do your best to take it in stride. Adding to the mix is the fact that Mercury will travel retrograde through your friendship sector from December 3 until December 22. You and a pal might experience more than one frustrating miscommunication. The bright side? You may reconnect with an old friend from your past. Think high school or even college. Now, let's talk about the happy news. Mars, the planet of assertive drive, will move through your career sector from December 9 through January 26, 2018. This once-every-two-year event serves as a major boost for you professionally in many ways. For starters, you'll feel a surge of ambition and motivation to achieve your most vital goals. If you're entrepreneurial, this will be an ideal time to start a new business. You'll also have the guts to walk up to your boss and ask for -- or demand -- a promotion that you know you deserve. It'll be difficult to refuse you.
When it comes to love and romance this month, your heart might be telling you one thing, but your friends ... well, they might be telling you something else entirely. The main struggle you'll have to navigate through is whether or not you can listen to your heart. In the end, only you can decide. The issues begin to mount on December 3 when a tricky Full Moon in your romance sector creates a drunken effect on your sensibilities. It's clear that you're not seeing everything clearly about your lover and that you might have put him or her on a pedestal. The question is, should you be worried? It seems like at least one of your friends will have the answer, and that answer is "yes." Mercury, the ruler of your true love sector, will turn retrograde right in your 11th House of Groups and Friends on the same day this lunation occurs. Although a pal might not communicate his or her concerns as effectively as you'd like, the message you'll get will clearly indicate that he or she isn't thrilled about your latest dating choice. Perhaps it has to do with a feeling he or she has about this person using you for money or sex. It's also possible that your friend just senses that there is something slippery about his or her personality and it has their radar up. Remember, your friend isn't trying to sabotage your happiness. In this case, he or she really does appear to have your best interests at heart. Your real conundrum is whether or not to keep this new love connection alive or to let it drown. Do yourself a favor and try not to make any final decisions until after December 22 when Mercury turns direct. Until then, you'll probably change your mind every time you think about this situation. Besides, new and enlightening information about your lover is likely to emerge right around the end of the month, helping you know for sure one way or another.