You might be weary of particular patterns in your life, but a fresh breeze of enthusiasm blows into your world today as the Sun brings its light to your 3rd House of Immediate Environment. Whatever resistance you were facing could fade away, leaving nothing but an open road in its place. Don’t hesitate because there could be a drastic change in conditions on the horizon. Although you may run into trouble later on, your journey will already be underway, and you won’t likely choose to end it until you reach your destination. Chasing your dreams is not a lost cause when your heart is in the right place.

Weekly Love Horoscope

The more you struggle to keep secrets from your lover, the more it's going to hurt you in the end. You might feel as if you simply must keep something to yourself because if you open up, your partner won't approve. To be honest, this might be true -- especially if you have done something that threatens the core of your relationship. None of us are perfect. At the same time, however, if you refuse to take responsibility for something you've said or done, or if you try to bury the situation altogether, you're only cheating yourself out of personal integrity. Ultimately, that approach will cheat you out of love.

Monthly Horoscope

This month you're going to have to make peace with the concept of either letting go, or being dragged. When it comes to finances, there might be ebb and flow, so if this happens, keep reminding yourself that March is meant to be a "go with it" type of month. Some news about taxes owed or a major debt might come your way early in the month, but if this happens you shouldn't feel too distressed over it. In fact, there is every indication that you'll have the money you need to take care of any expense you have. View this as the cost of doing business, either literally in your profession or simply with life expenses, and move on. Getting emotionally attached to money this month will only cause you stress, so if you make the decision not to, then you won't give any of that financial flux power over you this month. Starting March 17, when Mars moves into your 12th House of Escape, you'll really start to feel as if you're in hibernation mode. One possible positive manifestation of this energy is that you'll begin a new money making project, but that it will have to remain hush-hush for a few weeks as you work out the kinks. Another possibility, however, is that until May 16 you'll feel as if you've lost a bit of your mojo. Ambition, libido and overall energy might dwindle, and if this does happen, take it as a sign that it's time to recharge. That means if you're single, this might not be the best time to initiate a sexual relationship with someone new you're dating. It's also not the best time to launch a new business or anything else that requires Herculean effort on your part. Pushing against this will only make you feel frustrated or start to give you this sense of being powerless over your life. Nonsense! This is merely a cycle of strategic cosmic rejuvenation. Your power will be indomitable after May 16. Right now, it's time to lie dormant and allow it to build up.
You might have nothing but romance on your mind this month Aquarius. On March 6 Venus will move into your message sector, along with Mercury. Venus remains in this part of your chart through March 31, making it likely that you'll be contemplating at least one major decision connected to matters of the heart. Most likely you and someone special will be going through plenty of back-and-forth conversation in order to figure out where you stand together. Another possibility is that you and your love will be making a vital choice about money matters. You might also be planning to take a short road trip in March with your sweetie. If so, it's likely to be quite exciting and enjoyable for both of you. If you're single, this could be a time when you meet someone who literally lives right next door. Pay close attention to who moves into your apartment building or in your neighborhood. This person is likely to be a total hottie who throws at least one smoldering, suggestive glance your way. Go introduce yourself stat! Mercury will turn retrograde on March 22 and suddenly you might find yourself consumed with thoughts from the past about romance. One of your ex-lovers might even contact you, trying to resurrect your relationship. Pay attention to the red flags and remember: your ex is your ex for a reason. Find out now by looking up your romantic compatibility here: