Your plans are leading you one way but your life seems to be taking you another. This dissonance between reality and your dreams might have been acceptable at some other time in your life, but you find it nearly impossible to reconcile now. Although you can continue on your present path, you prefer to rectify the difference between your head and your heart by integrating both destinations. Psychologist Carl Jung wrote, “Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

Early in the week you and your partner might not be on the same page regarding a financial matter. You may feel that your sweetheart's practical nature is getting in the way of you both moving forward in a joint investment or other financial decision that you feel would be a positive one. While you may not want to hear this, the truth is that sometimes a cautious, slow-and-steady approach really is the best one. Before you argue with your mate about this situation, consider if it's possible that he or she could be right.

Monthly Horoscope

A bright new beginning is possible in relationship matters this month! Back on August 21 a potent Solar Eclipse fell in your partnership sector, opening up a portal for this fresh start. While this eclipse was promising, there was one frustrating factor that might have thrown a delay into the universe's ability to fulfill its cosmic potential: Mercury was also retrograde. On September 5, however, Mercury will turn direct -- at the very same degree of the eclipse! Triggering this eclipse into action as well is the fact that Mars will reach the eclipse degree on September 3. These are rare and significant indicators that now you and your partner are ready to embrace a more creative, heart-centered, and passionate relationship. If you are dating someone, this might be when you are both ready to make a more solid commitment to one another. Another possibility is that a business alliance will now begin to gel. There is significant financial potential between the two of you thanks to Venus also touring your partnership sector until September 19. A lucrative agreement might be made on September 16-17. Your earning potential is also highlighted this month. On September 6 a Full Moon in your 2nd House of Income will be closely linked to inspirational Neptune. Because you have enormous faith in your ability to make money, there is likely to be fulfillment in this area now. After September 20, you might focus more on achieving a new level of intimacy with your partner. Having the courage to reveal yourself body and soul is never easy, but you'll be motivated to achieve this deep connection with your lover now. The reward will be well worth any vulnerability you initially feel.
You're in one of the most enviable positions this month when it comes to romantic happiness! Last month, on August 21, a Solar Eclipse fell in your commitment sector, clearing the decks of any debris connected to a current relationship so that you and your love could move forward in the most supportive way. Although this eclipse was powerful, there might have been a delay in your ability to get things moving in your relationship the way you wanted. That's because Mercury was also retrograde at the time of the eclipse, throwing in a dash of frustration and delay for all of us. On September 5, however, Mercury will turn direct. Moreover, he will do so on the exact degree of that eclipse last month. If single, Mercury turning direct will help you finally have that conversation with someone special you're trying to plan a date with. But if you're already partnered up, Mercury Direct will help you and your sweetheart begin to implement whatever plans you have to improve a troubled love connection, or to initiate an actual commitment if you've been dating someone and want to move in together, become engaged, or get married. What makes this possibility even more compelling is the fact that on September 3, Mars will also move past the degree of that August 21 eclipse, helping you and your partner truly take action and prioritize your relationship above anything else. As if that weren't enough, Venus will continue to trek through this area of your chart until September 19. All cosmic influences this month are pointing to exciting, big developments in your love life. What an exciting time!