You are content to fly beneath the radar today, because your happiness is based on individual aspirations rather than what others think. Sometimes you crave the adrenaline rush of working for a common cause or feel the need to assume leadership for a group project. But now you’re more interested in making progress toward your personal long-term goals than in winning a popularity contest. Psychiatrist Martha Friedman wrote, “Success based on anything but internal fulfillment is bound to be empty.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

A major Solar Eclipse will fall in your relationship sector on Monday, changing the direction of your partnership in a vital -- and happy -- way. If you're already in a relationship, you can look forward to bright new horizons with your sweetheart. This might even involve a decision to have a child, or to consciously focus on adding extra romance to your relationship. If you're dating someone, it's very possible you'll become engaged or married in the next few weeks. Venus adds to this potential after Saturday.

Monthly Horoscope

This August you might feel more emotional than usual -- and this is not entirely comfortable for such a cerebral sign as yourself. At the same time, however, it will be good for you. You'll have an opportunity to sit with your feelings even if you can't do anything about them. This is due to a powerful Lunar Eclipse on August 7 that will occur in Aquarius. You're most likely ready to let go of an old goal, habit, or relationship that no longer serves your life any longer -- at least not the life you know you want for yourself going forward. Although your brain may recognize that this ending is positive and necessary, we are creatures of comfort. Sometimes it's easier to live with the pain you know rather than take a risk and explore another option. You may find yourself struggling with this exact situation as the month opens up. If you do experience this, don't fight them. Again, the key is to sit with your feelings. Eventually, you'll be able to move forward. In fact, there is every indication that a significant new relationship is on the horizon -- either business or personal. This person may come into your life after August 21, but you might also already know who it is. The readiness for commitment will happen at the end of the month.
Relationships are changing and growing for you this month -- both personal and professional. In terms of your love life, you might be keenly aware of whether or not your emotional needs are being met in your current relationship near August 7. If they are not, you'll take steps to ensure dynamic changes. On August 21, you'll have a vibrant opportunity to forge a new alliance with someone special if you're single or casually dating. If attached, expect a happy new direction for you and your love.