You might feel as if time is running out and unexpected panic ensues if you realize how many loose ends you still must tie up. Some tasks may just have to be left unfinished. Resetting your priorities early in the day makes more sense than waiting until you're under pressure. Avoid temptations to struggle against the current constraints; instead, let go of your previous expectations and move on. Your ability to change with the changing circumstances is your secret weapon today.

Weekly Love Horoscope

Communication between you and your sweetheart will likely improve dramatically after Friday. If you have been going back and forth over recent weeks -- or even months -- trying to come to an agreement about an important matter that affects you both, you'll finally see progress. What has seemed like a stalemate for so long will suddenly become a non-issue, or will at least become very easy to compromise on. You'll be relieved.

Monthly Horoscope

This won't be a good month to make brand new decisions about your money, or how you earn it. You may also want to hold off from selling any valuable possession you own. Venus, the planet that rules money, has been retrograde since March 4. On April 2, however, she'll backtrack into your 2nd House of Earned Income and won't turn direct until April 15. As a result, you will have an opportunity to review your financial habits, mistakes, and successes during this time. This will give you the chance to recognize what, if anything, needs to change in order to put you in a healthier position. In other news, Mercury will turn retrograde on April 9, and remains out of phase until May 3. His main focus for you will be on home and family matters. This means you're more likely to get into a misunderstanding with one of your relatives. Or, it's possible that a decision about moving or some other real estate matter has your mind hurting. Do your best to gather information and sit with it instead of making any firm decision one way or the other. Wait until next month for that. Your love life will get spicy after April 21. At that time, Mars, the planet of energy and libido, will move into your romance sector for the first time in nearly two years. If you are single and have had a dry spell, you can expect that to end. If attached, you and your lover will enjoy plenty of passionate moments through June 4.
Your love and sex life are about to heat up. This month, on April 21, Mars will move into your romance sector for the first time in nearly two years. As a result, until June 4, you'll have plenty of motivation to pursue whoever it is you're attracted to. If you've been suffering through a dry spell recently, you can expect it to disappear now. In fact, you might even have multiple dating opportunities. Wow!