You can sense a cosmic shift that takes you from the highest thoughts into the deepest pool of feelings. Try as you might to separate out the intricate strands of emotions, they seem to be interwoven now that the Cancer New Moon settles into your 6th House of Details. You may feel as if this emotional fabric is so heavy that it's an unfair burden. However, you're still advised to proudly wear it as if it were your own. Paradoxically, graciously accepting your obligations magically lightens your load.

Weekly Love Horoscope

You and your sweetheart might prefer to lay low this week and spend most of your time at home. There might be a fulfilling event you're planning to host such as a dinner party or family reunion. Even though it may cost you some money to throw this shindig, you and your sweetheart are happy to do so. In fact, everyone will marvel at your hosting skills as a couple. Guests are likely to talk about how much they enjoyed themselves for quite some time.

Monthly Horoscope

You might be fed up with the direction of your health, and if so, this will be the month to make swift changes. Perhaps it's a dietary concern, or an unhealthy habit such as excessive smoking. Whatever the details, you'll have all of the motivation you need to take matters into your own hands and make productive changes from June 4 - July 20. You might also be more physically active during this time. Joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer will be good moves. On the work front, you'll feel as if you've got caffeine running through your veins. Assignments and other projects are likely to be completed at record speed, and you'll enjoy checking items off of your to-do list quickly. Be aware, however, to not rush so much that quality is compromised. If you're looking for a new job or extra freelance work, aim for after June 23 to begin your search. Opportunities are likely to be plentiful. An emotionally charged situation with a friend is possible near June 9. Be there to lend support if necessary. In some cases, you might choose to end your affiliation with a group or other organization you have been a member of. Not everything is meant to last forever and you're simply ready to move on.
You want to have conversations that are sometimes deep and meaningful, and sometimes full of gossip and banter. More importantly, you want to share this dialogue with someone who makes your heart beat faster. If you're in a relationship already, you can look forward to sharing more bright ideas with your love between June 6-21. If you're single, there might be more than one person you go out on a date with during that time. Sampling what's out there is more important to you now.