2014 Horoscopes

Astrology's two largest true planets shape our aspirations and accomplishments in 2014. One, visionary Jupiter, begins the year in the sensitive Water sign of Cancer, where ambitions, beliefs and truths come through our emotions. And that's just the beginning of this great awakening...

The other, karmic Saturn, spends virtually all of 2014 in fellow Water sign, Scorpio, which challenges us to look more deeply into our desires and to reevaluate our relationships. Answers we seek about career and life purpose are more likely to arise from instinct than intellect.

Major decisions need to feel right to ensure we're on the appropriate path. However, the tender nature of Water signs makes it possible to allow fear to undercut self-confidence and keep us from making important decisions. Considering the possible risks of our actions makes sense, but not when they deter us from seeking solutions and pressing ahead with our plans.

A bolder attitude emerges when generous Jupiter enters outgoing Leo on July 16. The planet of expansion's 12-month stay in this commanding Fire sign encourages creativity, self-expression and teaches us the meaning of life through love, play and children. Egos may be expanded during this transit, but if that's what it takes to fully tap into and show off our talents, it's worth the price.

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