Stars of the Tarot

You've probably seen these cards in the movies, and maybe even experienced a reading yourself, but what do the Tarot cards actually mean? Here, we offer a quick intro to the big players in Tarot -- the Major Arcana. Although there are 22 different Major Arcana cards in the Tarot deck (in addition to all the suit cards), you'll probably know these the best. Find out what it means when they come up in a reading...The Fool
This innocent card reminds us to recognize our own personal journey to growth, and encourages us to get going on our path to enlightenment.

The Lovers
This card reminds us that we're at a crossroads and have a choice to make. Often, this choice involves growing up and "getting real" about our options -- as they relate to relationships or the bigger picture of life. The Lovers often have a lot to tell us about how to pursue specific relationships on a higher plane.

The Tower
This electric card tells us about a huge life change that is beyond our control. It could be a disaster or a miracle, but either way, it's the perfect opportunity to take on a new life course and get rid of old patterns that just aren't working.

If this comes up in your reading, fear not -- Death is not the end! Instead, it represents a large life change that can involve the end of a relationship or the close of a specific life chapter. But with this change comes freedom, and the chance to move ahead with a clean slate.

The Devil
Far from sin or evil, this dark card actually hints at the deeper, hidden parts of ourselves that can be unleashed in a controlled way for maximum creativity and passion. The Devil encourages us to shed our inhibitions.

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