Chinese New Year: Year of the Metal Rabbit Horoscope

Feb. 3, 2011 begins the Year of the Metal Rabbit. This will come as a relief following the tremendous highs and lows brought during 2010, which was ruled by the fierce Tiger. The Rabbit's peaceful nature combines with the noble, protective Metal element to usher in a gentle phase governed by diplomacy.

This Chinese New Year will allow more time for family pursuits. Spending time with your nearest and dearest will take precedence over work and romantic love. If you're estranged from your relatives, this is your chance to make amends. Alternately, you can create a supportive network of friends and neighbors that provide unconditional love. In the event you enjoy strong family ties, you may find yourself at a big reunion, wedding or birthday celebration.
Personal development is also favored during the Year of the Rabbit. Now is the time to develop your creative potential. It doesn't matter which medium you choose to express yourself. Dancing, playing music, painting, writing, sculpting -- any and all of these activities are favored. Stop telling yourself it's too late to channel your inner artist. Once you tap in to your imagination, you will feel happier and healthier than you have in years.

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The Rat in Year of the Metal Rabbit
Rabbit years are notoriously leisurely ones, which don't sit well with the industrious Rat. The Rat will be forced to slow down in 2011, despite their best efforts to stir things up. Patience definitely will be a virtue in the Year of the Rabbit. Instead of trying to maximize your productivity, focus on improving the quality of your work. Rather than making the rounds to as many parties as possible, spend quality time with one or two friends.

One of the most beautiful gifts this Year of the Rabbit brings to the Rat is a chance to develop a hobby. Writing is especially favored. Penning a book, screenplay or short story collection will give Rats a chance to express their creativity. If the Rat plays its cards right, it could get a lucrative job writing an instructional manual or how-to book this Chinese New Year.

The Year of the Metal Rabbit will offer at least one valuable educational opportunity for the Rat. Professional training, night school or refresher courses will stimulate the Rat's sharp intellect and open professional doors that were previously closed. Of course, taking classes will require some changes to the Rat's daily routine, but it's all in the name of advancement.

At least one significant friendship will likely be made in this sociable year. For the most part, though, Rats will stick close to the people they've loved and cherished for years. 2011 may not be the most dynamic year for Rats, but that will be a blessing in disguise for these over-tired creatures!

The Ox in the Year of the Metal Rabbit

As a general rule, the Ox doesn't welcome change. However, some positive transitions are poised to occur in 2011, and they'll be ones that even this sedentary creature enjoys. A leisurely vacation, a change of residence and a new job are all possibilities this year. Try to be receptive whenever you're offered a chance to do something different. You won't be sorry!

It is critical to be more flexible in the Year of the Metal Rabbit, especially when it comes to work. Refusing to try a colleague's methods can lead to a bitter argument. Stop being so stubborn and at least experiment with different approaches. The more flexible you are, the more appreciative your boss will be.

The Ox is famous for its contentment. While this is an admirable trait, you can afford to raise your expectations this year. Better work assignments, more attractive surroundings and higher pay could be in the cards for you. Don't settle for second best in any arena. The Year of the Rabbit is destined to bring improvements to the Ox's life, provided you are willing to demand what you are worth.

Home improvements are highly favored this year. Building an addition, redecorating some rooms or ridding spaces of clutter will boost the Ox's energy level. If an Ox doesn't have a place of its own, 2011 is a wonderful time to buy an apartment, condominium or house. The leisurely energy of a Rabbit year is perfect for Oxen to attain the domestic harmony they always desire.

The Tiger in Year of the Metal Rabbit
Rabbits want freedom to move, and Tigers are equally independent. The Tiger can scale the ladder of success in this Year of the Rabbit, capitalizing on all the skills acquired during the year before. A newly acquired "expert" status may fall upon these creatures, making it easier to land prestigious work assignments. The Year of the Metal Rabbit won't be all work and no play, however. In fact, outdoor activities are highly favored for the Tiger. Running, biking, hiking ... being out in nature is extremely therapeutic.

The Year of the Metal Rabbit will be a sociable one for the Tiger. In fact, friends may take precedence over family. Special times like holidays, birthdays and anniversaries will be celebrated with pals, rather than relatives. It's not that Tigers will turn their backs on kin; it's just that this Year of the Rabbit will prompt these creatures to change their priorities a bit. Relationships formed out of mutual admiration, rather than familial obligation, will feel more enriching.

Taking risks is not favored this year. The Tiger must learn to look before it leaps, or disaster will ensue. The Year of the Metal Rabbit is a time of reflection. Learning to weigh the pros and cons of any given issue is critical. Although the Tiger prefers relying on their intuition, their impulses will not serve them well in this Rabbit year. Waiting 24 hours before making any important decisions will be a good rule for the Tiger to follow.

Rabbit years sometimes tempt the Tiger to change residences. Buying or selling property could prove profitable in 2011. If the Tiger has never owned a place before, this year could be a good time to take the plunge.

The Rabbit in Year of the Metal Rabbit
Not surprisingly, the Year of the Metal Rabbit will be rife with opportunities for the Rabbit. A sense of optimism prompts Rabbits to venture into new territory now. This Rabbit year affords a fantastic opportunity to get in shape. Even if fitness regimens failed miserably in the past, that won't likely be the case for Rabbits this year. Rabbit years are meant for enjoyment, so it stands to reason that this Chinese zodiac sign will find a form of exercise that feels more like play than work.

The Rabbit's enthusiasm is both a blessing and a curse this year. These creatures should be wary of biting off more than they can chew. The more focused the Rabbit is, the easier it will be to capitalize on the opportunities ahead. 2011 is a wonderful year for the Rabbit to develop its natural creative talent. The visual arts like painting, design and illustration are especially favored. Taking or teaching a class can provide these creatures with a welcome outlet for their boundless imaginations.

Educational endeavors are likely to be successful for the Rabbit this year. There's never been a better time to go back to school and get a degree. Of course, it's important to study a subject of interest. Taking a boring class for purely practical reasons will probably be a waste of valuable energy. In 2011, Rabbits should be idealistic, not pragmatic, when it comes to setting goals.

When it comes to health, Rabbits should be on the alert for small respiratory ailments. Exercise that builds the pulmonary system should help to stave off colds, coughs and congestion. 

Dragon in Year of the Metal Rabbit
The Dragon may feel like it's trying to sprint through quicksand in the Year of the Metal Rabbit. The daring and dynamism of the Dragon doesn't mix well with the quiet, contemplative energy of a Rabbit year. Still, there are opportunities ahead for the Dragon. Instead of making bold leaps, this creature should pause to enjoy simple pleasures like good food, loving friends and beautiful vistas. A spiritual practice like meditation, yoga or guided imagery can help the Dragon maximize the potential of a Rabbit year.

Accidents can be a problem in the Year of the Metal Rabbit, so Dragons are better off avoiding extreme sports and risky behavior. When it comes to physical intimate relationships, Dragons should take added precautions to prevent disease and unplanned pregnancies. Forewarned is forearmed! Defensive driving is also critical for Dragons in 2011. Slow down, look both ways and make sure your vehicles are in good operating order.

Travel opportunities abound for Dragons in 2011. Taking a fun family vacation is favored. Spending long, leisurely hours with the kids will strengthen those ties that bind. Single Dragons should think about hosting a big family reunion, if only to reconnect with relatives from both near and far. Elderly relatives can be especially helpful to Dragons throughout the Year of the Metal Rabbit, providing both emotional and financial assistance.

Being more attentive to others can be the Dragon's greatest challenge this year. Normally, Dragons refuse to look to anyone else for approval. The Year of the Metal Rabbit can change all that, when the Dragon realizes just how intimately their fate is tied to that of their friends, neighbors and colleagues.

The Snake in the Year of the Metal Rabbit
While the Year of the Metal Rabbit will be relatively relaxed for most signs, that won't be the case for the Snake. Opportunities for advancement can appear at every turn, making this one of the most fulfilling years ever. Creative endeavors are especially favored. Snakes that were forced to take mundane jobs just to make ends meet will be delighted when they're finally able to land positions that draw upon their impressive artistic talents.

Home life may be a bit tense, as petty quarrels tend to undermine the Snake's domestic harmony in Rabbit years. It would be wise for Snakes to be very attentive to elderly relatives, especially ones who are having health problems. The more patient and compassionate the Snake is, the easier it will be to avoid family turmoil. Depression over childhood trauma could be a problem for Snakes. Fortunately, the Year of the Metal Rabbit will give these serpents a chance to resolve these issues through counseling.

Friendships can play a critical role for Snakes throughout the Year of the Metal Rabbit. Old, outmoded relationships fall by the wayside to make room for more supportive ties. The Snake would be wise to practice discretion in this Rabbit year. Betraying a loved one's confidence could destroy a precious friendship.

The Snake's lifestyle can take a luxurious turn in 2011. Fashionable clothes, elegant furnishings and beautiful artwork will probably become available, allowing Snakes to relax in style. The Rabbit year's emphasis on beauty and elegance will mesh nicely with the Snake's impeccable taste.

The Horse in the Year of the Metal Rabbit
The Horse will likely experience great fortune in the Year of the Metal Rabbit. Great changes are ahead, and they will benefit Horses who are willing to work hard and prove themselves. Fortunately, these creatures welcome challenges, and should have no trouble vaulting over obstacles. Taking a new job, embarking on a passionate romance and holding public office are among the possibilities.

In order to make the most of all this good luck, Horses will have to be in optimal health during this Rabbit year. A brisk fitness routine will reap impressive rewards. Losing weight, adding muscle and increasing lung capacity should be easier now than it has been in past years. The Year of the Metal Rabbit is ideal for the Horse to attain a sleek physique. When it comes to juggling obligations in 2011, exercise should be at the top of this creature's list.

Travel is also favored for Horses this year. The more exotic the destination, the happier this animal will be. Fortunately, the Horse is adventurous by nature, and won't balk at exploring developing countries and hard-to-reach regions. In fact, there's a good chance the Horse can get paid to write a travel book on a place that very few people have visited before.

Family life can improve for Horses in 2011. Birthday, anniversary and graduation parties are on the docket, and this Rabbit year's sociable energy sits well with the fun-loving Horse.

The Goat in the Year of the Metal Rabbit
The Year of the Metal Rabbit should come as a tremendous relief for the Goat. At long last, finances can pick up and job opportunities may flourish. Not only that, romance will also make its way into the lives of many Goats. The gentle energy of a Rabbit year suits the Goat's placid nature on so many levels. Instead of being forced to prove themselves to an indifferent world, Goats should now be sought out for their creativity and compassion.

Rabbit years signal changes on the home front for the Goat. It will be necessary for many of these creatures to revise their schedule to accommodate a partner who is working from home, an elderly relative who has moved in, a different roommate or a new baby. The more flexible the Goat is, the easier it will be to adapt to these changes.

The Year of the Rabbit will be a busy one for Goats. Sleep deprivation may be a real problem for these sociable creatures. When faced with the choice of going to another all-night party and staying home to get rest, the Goat should pick the latter every time. Otherwise, this delicate sign can suffer from stomach cramps or headaches.

Several significant friendships will likely be made in this Rabbit year. The Goat thrives when surrounded by people who admire their artistry. This would be a marvelous opportunity to draw a writing group, theatre troupe or film appreciation society. Some Goats may decide to launch artist collectives. Still others will apply for residencies where they can develop a book, photography collection or musical score in peace.

The Monkey in the Year of the Metal Rabbit
Rabbit years are a tad too peaceful for the restless Monkey. That being said, this Year of the Metal Rabbit will bring the Monkey plenty of leisure time, which will definitely appeal to this fun-loving Chinese sign. Travel may be a big theme for Monkeys this year; destinations that are rife will cultural diversions are favored. As always, the Monkey will make lots of friends on every trip.

Health is tied to mobility in the Year of the Metal Rabbit. The more active Monkeys are, the more robust they will feel. Accidents can be a problem, so take care not to drive recklessly or overdo it at the gym. Gentle exercise like yoga, swimming and ta'i chi can slow the mental chatter that's always filling the Monkey's mind. 2011 is a time to meditate and reflect. That's not easy for the manic Monkey, but this year, inner peace can be achieved with practice.

This Year of the Rabbit affords Monkeys an opportunity to let go of old grudges and formulate new goals. Breaking off harmful relationships is key, whether they are romantic or familial. Counseling is favored for Monkeys that are plagued with unhappy memories of childhood. Unexplored avenues abound in the Year of the Metal Rabbit. Now that the future looks so bright, the Monkey can afford to leave the past behind, for once and for all.

Shopping will likely be a major theme for Monkeys this year. Fantastic bargains can be found at electronic and appliance stores. An interest in unusual, handmade items may prompt this sign to start collecting glass, pottery or basketwork. Anything that catches the Monkey's eye is often a good investment. The Year of the Rabbit heightens this Chinese sign's refinement and can result in some profitable investments. 

The Rooster in the Year of the Metal Rabbit
The Year of the Metal Rabbit's placid pace may pose many challenges for the driven Rooster. Instead of pushing for more money, personal success and fame, this sign should count their blessings. The best strategy for navigating the calm waters ahead is to dial things down a few notches. For Roosters, staying home is favored over frequenting nightclubs, restaurants and parties now. Saving money is preferable to spending, and listening is preferable to talking.

Family can be a source of turmoil in this Rabbit year. Older relatives are stubborn and won't likely break inconvenient routines. Still, one relative may have valuable advice for the Rooster. It would be wise to follow this counsel, as Roosters feel out of their depth in Rabbit years. If you want to gain favor with someone special, you should assume a modest, laid-back attitude. Showing off will only turn off the object of the Rooster's affection.

This year places special emphasis on the Rooster's appearance. Take pains to get regular haircuts, spa treatments and dental checkups. Regular trips to the gym will help to stave off weight gain and enable you to wear the attractive styles you enjoy. If your clothes look shabby and out of date, the Year of the Metal Rabbit may be perfect for going on a shopping spree. Fashion will be one area where it can be acceptable to splurge in 2011.

Diplomacy is emphasized for Roosters this Rabbit year. Instead of insisting on getting your way, try meeting colleagues, friends and neighbors in the middle. Although the peaceful ways of the Rabbit year may not sit well with the rambunctious Rooster, they can afford some valuable lessons.

The Dog in the Year of the Metal Rabbit
The Year of the Metal Rabbit's gentle energy will be soothing for the anxious Dog. At long last, this sign will be able to relax their fears and enjoy the creature comforts 2011 affords. Spending more time with friends and family should prove blissful for this Chinese sign. Dogs are pack animals, after all. Holding a big birthday celebration will be in the cards this year. You make a marvelous host, especially when you're honoring someone you adore. Providing guests with good food, fine wine and stimulating conversation will be one of the many highlights of this Rabbit year.

Overall, the Dog's health is expected be good. Stress-related illnesses should subside. Rabbit years are good times to conquer stomach pains, back strains and headaches. Preventive measures like meditation, guided imagery and yoga should prove effective. So will eating fresh, organic foods. This Year of the Rabbit will be a splendid opportunity for the Dog to improve their cooking skills; you'll have more time to prepare healthful meals than in years past.

2011 favors independent business ventures. Any Dog who wants to be their own boss would be wise to take the plunge in the Year of the Metal Rabbit. Money from investors and lending institutions will be readily available. Of course, you'll have to fill out paperwork thoroughly to get the necessary financing. Rabbit years demand tremendous attention to detail.

Hobbies will also likely play a big part in the Dog's life throughout this Rabbit year. Playing music, painting landscapes and writing stories will bring out the best of this Chinese zodiac sign. Now that the leisurely Year of the Metal Rabbit is here, even hyper-vigilant Dogs should be able to relax and unwind!

The Pig in the Year of the Metal Rabbit
The Year of the Metal Rabbit's laid-back pace suits the playful Pig just fine. This sign will have plenty of time to rest, relax and revel in its many friendships. Of course, 2011 could prove too much of a good thing, especially as the Pig's health is concerned. This sign should take great pains not to overindulge in food and drink, or the pounds can pile on fast.

Education will probably be a big theme for Pigs in the Year of the Metal Rabbit. Studying a foreign language, taking up a musical instrument and learning how to play chess are among the possibilities. It doesn't really matter what the Pig decides to do this year, as long as it provides plenty of intellectual stimulation. Single members of this Chinese zodiac sign could find love in the classroom, either with the teacher or a fellow pupil.

The Year of the Rabbit may bring in more money for the Pig, which is wonderful news. Still, this generous sign needs to be careful about what they do with their wealth. Opportunists will try to take advantage of the Pig's generosity, demanding loans and borrowing expensive items without any intention of returning them. Learning to say "no" will be one of the most important lessons Dogs can learn this year.

Family time is especially rewarding for Pigs in a Rabbit year. This Metal Rabbit year affords a lovely opportunity to hold a big reunion. Sunday dinner may become a regular habit, enabling relatives to fix lavish meals together in a spirit of harmony.